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Chartwell's Signature Life Enrichment Program

Chartwell’s signature activities and programs are meant to engage the body, mind and spirit and help our residents live life to the fullest! They are offered in all Chartwell residences across the country. In addition, a wide variety of unique recreational programs have been developed and are offered by individual residences.

Chartwell residences offer a variety of programs that contribute toward an actively engaged lifestyle. Our LiveNow programming, offered in our retirement and long term care homes across the country, brings together six dimensions of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and vocational pursuits. Each dimension has a unique signature program tailored to residents to help them lead more fulfilled and engaged lives. Whether you are participating in a Rhythm ’n’ Moves dance class or preparing lunches for local kids in need, the LiveNow program, carried out daily by our dedicated Lifestyle and Program Managers, is sure to inspire.

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 Rhythm ’n’ Moves seeks to engage residents in a fun and interactive music and movement program that supports health and physical well-being. Facilitated by our Lifestyle and Program Managers, the activity is carried out weekly in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where residents of varying mobility levels can participate at their own pace. Staying physically active in your senior years is important, and formal exercise programs aren’t always an option or easily accessible. Rhythm ’n’ Moves is an informal program, taking place in the comfort of your residence, and encourages participation in a non-competitive and friendly environment.

 Ports of Call is a travel-themed day held once a month when we celebrate a specific destination through a variety of cultural programs including live entertainment and themed meals. It gives residents an opportunity to gather together, socialize and share past travel experiences with one another. The goal is to involve residents in a social program where they can enjoy stimulating conversation, build new friendships and enjoy a fun and relaxing atmosphere. At Chartwell, we believe that maintaining healthy relationships will lead to a healthier you.

 H.O.P.E. is avocational signature program encourages residents to explore personal interests and goals through meaningful activities such as learning new skills, participating in hobbies and goal setting. H.O.P.E., which stands for Helping Others for Purposeful Engagement, is a program framework that creates opportunities for residents to connect with their community, which in turn promotes a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Residents can choose to give back locally or globally and help make a difference by creating lasting community connections.

 Java Music Club: Spiritual wellness involves developing a strong sense of personal values and ethics while seeking meaning and purpose in life. The Java Music Club offers an enjoyable and inclusive way to help build a culture of positive mutual support. Residents meet in a safe, warm and inviting group atmosphere where they are encouraged to express themselves and seek out support from others without fear of judgment. Spiritual principles such as love, acceptance, appreciation, understanding, compassion and peace are incorporated and often come about naturally through participation in the program.

Moments that Matter: The emotional dimension of wellness allows residents to achieve a positive and optimistic attitude and maintain feelings of happiness.Moments that Matter is a unique program that encourages residents to share a special moment they’ve been dreaming about and let staff help make it a reality. Whether it’s riding a horse for the first time, enjoying a romantic anniversary dinner or showcasing personal artwork at a local gallery, fulfilling these small, yet important, moments, can leave a lasting impact on one’s life. All submissions are reviewed and considered by each Chartwell residence for opportunities to make a moment become a reality.

FitMinds®: This intellectual program offers residents two distinct options to help enhance and support their overall brain health. The Stay Sharp™ program is aimed at encouraging cognitive resilience and better brain fitness for healthy seniors, while the Interact® program is a cognitive stimulation therapy program for seniors with dementia that is intended to help slow the disease’s progression. Each program includes weekly customized activities and engaging workshops that are facilitated by our dedicated Lifestyle and Program Managers. These exercise programs are conducted in a supportive and social setting that helps to maintain our residents’ quality of life.


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