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Virtual Speaker Series

Watch our series of free webinars featuring knowledgeable presenters discussing a variety of topics important to Canadian seniors and their families in today’s climate of uncertainty:

Caregiving During a Pandemic: The Impact on Families

Guest speaker: Dr. Amy D’Aprix, Gerontological Social Worker

Dr. Amy D’Aprix, Gerontological Social Worker

For Canadians caring for an aging parent or a senior spouse, the pandemic has brought with it unique challenges. For caregivers who were considering retirement living as the solution, the perceived risk of congregate living may have delayed a decision due to feelings of fear, guilt and uncertainty. Dr. Amy discusses:

  • The myriad of emotions that many caregivers are currently experiencing
  • The risks of delaying support
  • How congregate living remains a safe way for you to care and support your loved one

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Comparing the Health Benefits of Retirement Living & Aging at Home


Are you hesitant to move into a retirement residence because of the perceived risk of congregate living during the pandemic? Our experts discuss:

  • How living alone during the pandemic, especially during the long winter months, may be affecting your health and wellbeing
  • Whether a community-based lifestyle is worth pursuing now to overcome the challenges you or a loved one are facing in your current living situation

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Navigating Your Care & Support Options


Through the pandemic, you may have realized that you or a loved one would benefit from more daily assistance to live well and with the right support in place, such as personal care services, 24-7 support and regular socialization. Our care experts discuss the different support options available in your province—from homecare to retirement living and long term care—helping you navigate which lifestyle option may be the best fit for you and your family.

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Affording Retirement Living

Guest speaker: Kelley Keehn, Financial Educator, Author & Media Personality

Kelley Keehn, Financial Educator, Author & Media Personality

Do you believe retirement living may benefit you or a loved one, but you aren't sure if you can afford the lifestyle? Canadian financial educator and media personality Kelley Keehn answers common financial questions seniors and their families have about:

  • Retirement living to help you understand your options
  • Exploring financial and investment strategies
  • Government subsidies
  • The myth that living at home is free

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