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Categories : Notes from our CEO

November 23, 2021

We care deeply about making the lives of our residents better and ensuring that they feel safe and supported at Chartwell. That’s why we recently launched a new Chartwell Care Assist program in our Ontario retirement residences. Residents and their loved ones, together with their care teams, are now able to craft a customized plan of care and wellness services or chose one of the several all-inclusive packages. No matter what their choice is, the services will be delivered by our dedicated staff, known and trusted by our residents. I am very proud of this new, transparent and easy to understand program, which helps to meet the changing needs of our residents and provides peace of mind for their loved ones. This program is another important component of the Chartwell Experience that is memorable, personalized and feels like home. I am confident that it will be well received by our residents and family members and will continue to differentiate Chartwell. I extend my thanks to Charlotte Miller, Chartwell’s Senior Director of Care and her team, who worked tirelessly to bring this important program to life. To read more about the program, please download: Chartwell Care Assist Program (PDF).

I recently sat down with Greg Bonnell of BNN Bloomberg for an interview that touched upon Chartwell’s recent quarterly results, current business environment and our strategy. I believe the prospects of the retirement living sector in general, and Chartwell in particular, are very bright. I believe the demand for our services will continue to grow, driven by the growth in the seniors’ population, continuing shortage of long term care beds and slower pace of construction of new residences. I also believe that we are now on the path to recovery. Our web site traffic, initial contacts, personalized tours and leases continue to grow every month, pointing to the upcoming occupancy growth. Most of all, I am optimistic about the future because I know how committed our employees are to our vision of Making People’s Lives Better and how driven they are to welcome new residents into their homes. I am grateful to them for giving me this optimism and I feel privileged to be working alongside them. To watch the full interview clip, please click here.

Remembrance Day is a special holiday at Chartwell where we celebrate many veterans who live in our residences. It is also the time to recognize those of the younger generation who served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Chartwell is honoured to have many veteran employees working in our offices and residences. To all of you – thank you for your service to our country and for choosing to serve our residents at Chartwell.

Last week, the catastrophic flooding and mudslides ravaged parts of British Columbia, flooding homes, roads, and bridges, disrupting supplies and services and displacing as many as 17,000 people. My thoughts are with the individuals and families whose lives are being upended. Our residents, staff and family members of Chartwell residences located in the affected areas have shown incredible resilience and comradery, opening their homes and hearts to help and accommodate evacuees. Our staff and managers worked around the clock to keep our residents safe, provide peace of mind to their loved ones and assist the many seniors who found shelter in our residences. Our corporate support teams were with them every step of the way providing support and arranging for emergency deliveries of food and supplies. To all of you, for everything you have done and continue to do during this unprecedented time, thank you so much!

The Chartwell Experience

Chartwell Chatsworth put together a beautiful display featuring photos and stories of veteran residents

On November 11th, Remembrance Day was observed across our residences, with many staff going out of their way to ensure our veterans felt honoured and appreciated. At Chartwell Oak Park Terrace in Windsor, Ontario, seven veteran residents were highlighted with a beautiful photo display in their lobby and were gifted teddy bears wearing a poppy as a special thank you for their service. At Chartwell Chatsworth in Kelowna, B.C., the home put together a beautiful display featuring photos and stories of their veteran residents, as well as Chartwell’s HONOUR book. And at Chartwell Bankside Terrace in Kitchener, Ontario, residents wrote personal thank you notes to veterans and current members of the military as a show of support. At Chartwell, we are proud to pay tribute to the remembrance of our veterans and the recognition of their important sacrifices.

A worthy read:

“The Nightingale” by Kristen Hanna.
An historical fiction tells a story of two sisters, Vianne and Isabelle, during the Nazi occupation of France, their struggle to survive, protect their family and friends and maintain their values and dignity in the most difficult circumstances. Isabel, after joining the resistance movement, became instrumental in saving downed Allied pilots by arranging routes for smuggling them out of occupied France. Vianne worked to save many Jewish children whose parents were deported to concentration camps and never came back.
The characters in The Nightingale were inspired by actions of some real historical figures. For example, Isabelle's escape route over the Pyrenees for downed Allied airmen was based on the Comet line of 24-year-old Andreé de Jongh, a Belgian woman who helped aviators and others escape. De Jongh personally escorted many over the Pyrenees on foot, having aided by the end of the war 118 airmen. She was captured late in the war and sent to the Ravensbrück concentration camp rather than executed, as the Nazis disbelieved her assertion that she herself was the organizer of the route.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer