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Communication Centre

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Categories : Notes from our CEO

October 26, 2021

After a successful pilot, we’re proud to expand our partnership with CareRX, Canada’s leading provider of pharmacy services to seniors. This program offers residents in our Ontario retirement communities with efficient, secure and convenient virtual access to healthcare specialists from the comfort of their own suites. I’m very excited about the implementation of this program because it improves timely access to medical care for our residents and eliminates the need for transportation to and from medical appointments. I hope many of our Ontario residents will take advantage of this free service. We look forward to helping more residents receive high-quality medical care safely and conveniently as we expand this service to residents in Alberta and BC in 2022.

The CareRX partnership is just one example of how we strive to make life better for our residents and their loved ones. Each day, our incredible employees go above and beyond delivering memorable moments and personalized experiences that exceed our residents’ expectations. We are proud to share these stories internally at Chartwell and with the world through our social media channels. Our hope is that our residents, their families, and our employees will also be proud to share their positive Chartwell experiences with their friends. We have recently launched Club Chartwell, a program that includes various activities and tools to encourage and assist our residents and employees in recommending Chartwell to others, including via Google reviews. We hope that these firsthand accounts of people’s experiences with Chartwell will encourage others to consider retirement living and make their lives better as well.

Thank you to our dedicated staff for your ongoing focus on delivering exceptional, personalized, and memorable resident experiences.

The Chartwell Experience

Social Worker Rachel from Chartwell Waterford Long Term Care

When resident Carmello and his wife moved into Chartwell Waterford Long Term Care Residence in Oakville, Ontario, they brought along many of their cherished plants. After his wife passed away last year, Carmello continued to find meaning through nurturing his beloved fig tree. After it grew too big in size, it was relocated to the front lobby and when the leaves began to turn yellow, staff jumped in to assist. Social Worker Rachel researched everything there was to know about fig trees, brought in a lamp, grow light and fertilizer and Maintenance Coordinator Nick installed it. Shortly after, the plant started growing and producing beautiful and delicious fruit that has brought so much joy to Carmello and all the residents. Thank you to the team who took it upon themselves to help Carmello nurture his passion.

A worthy read:

"Man's search for meaning" by Victor E. Frankl.

"He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW." - Nietzsche

The 1946 book chronicles Frankl’s experiences in the Nazi concentration camps and his attempts to overcome and understand the trauma of that experience. Trained as a doctor of neurology and psychiatry in pre-war Vienna, Frankl was the founder of logotherapy, a school of psychotherapy founded on the belief that a search for a life meaning is the central human motivational force. This school goes beyond the teachings of other renowned Viennese psychiatrists - Sigmund Freud, whose teachings were rooted in the idea that humans are motivated by pleasure and Alfred Adler, who believed that humans are driven to seek power. Recounting his personal experiences in concentration camps and after the war as a practicing doctor, Frankl describes three versions of the meaning of life throughout the book: first is the effort to achieve, second is the motivation provided by love; third is the courage and dignity of the human spirit in the face of suffering.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer