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Categories : Notes from our CEO

September 14, 2021

I’m very proud to introduce Chartwell’s recently launched marketing campaign, which helps to demystify and inspire seniors to consider retirement living. The campaign, “Think you know retirement living? Think again,” is aimed at seniors and their families who may not be aware of the many ways retirement living can make their life better and improve their current living situation. We are very proud that the images for these ads feature our very own residents from Chartwell St-Gabriel in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, and the entire campaign was produced in-house by our Marketing department. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring this campaign to life – you did a tremendous job! The advertisement can be viewed on Chartwell’s Youtube channel. Please share with anyone that you feel may benefit from learning more about retirement living.

The fourth wave of the pandemic is largely being driven by the more contagious Delta variant, and there have been increases in cases across all provinces, with the majority being attributed to those who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. Our best defense against COVID-19 is getting vaccinated and we appreciate and thank all our employees, residents, and family members who have done their part in helping to stop the spread and protect one another. That is why Chartwell, along with a coalition of senior living companies, issued a vaccination policy which requires mandatory vaccination for all our Long Term Care and Retirement Home team members. In addition to recently announced vaccine passports in Ontario and Quebec, many provinces have also implemented mandatory vaccination for health care workers. I am pleased to see provincial governments committed to taking precautions necessary to protect the health and safety of its citizens. At Chartwell, we are fully committed to ensuring our residents and staff are kept as safe as possible during the ongoing pandemic. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

While our main focus recently has been on COVID-19 vaccinations, there is still a risk of becoming ill with influenza this year and we are asking all employees and residents to help prevent the spread of the flu within our homes. The flu virus spreads easily, therefore it is important not only for yourself, but for the community, to get your flu shot and keep everyone protected. It also helps to prevent flu-related physician/hospital visits and has been shown in several studies to reduce severity of illness in people who get vaccinated but still get sick. For our residents, there is also a version of the vaccine tailored for the 65+ age group that can give even better protection. Please do your part, and get the shot when it becomes available, to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community from the flu this year. Our homes are already making plans for a flu vaccine clinic and preparing for the outbreak season.

The Chartwell Experience

Chartwell Heritage Glen's rooftop concert

Gerald, a 104-year-old resident at Chartwell Georgian Traditions in Collingwood, Ontario, got a blast from his past at the Edenvale Airport recently thanks to our thoughtful Food Service Manager Wayne. When Gerald told him that he was an aviation mechanic on the Avro Arrow, Wayne spent more than a year planning a visit to Edenvale Aerodrome so Gerald could be reunited with the iconic Canadian aircraft. Please watch the moving video of Gerald’s visit here. Thank you to Wayne and all our staff who find ways to provide our residents with memorable, impactful, and personalized experiences each day.

A worthy read:

“The Catalyst: How to change anyone's mind” by Jonah Berger.
Convincing anyone of anything is hard. People have deep rooted beliefs, opinions, and biases. Change is hard for most. In this delightful book, the international bestselling author and marketing professor, Jonah Berger, shows that successful change is not about pushing harder or exerting more energy. Rather, it is about removing barriers (why haven't they changed already?) and reducing fear of uncertainty. Blending research, anecdotes, and practical guidance, this book is a wonderful read and a catalyst of some deep thinking.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer