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June 29, 2021

Last week, in honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, Chartwell proudly made a $10,000 donation to support the crucial work of the Legacy of Hope Foundation. This Indigenous-led charity has been working hard to promote healing and reconciliation in Canada for more than 20 years through education and awareness of Residential Schools and their impacts. This donation was our way of showing that the Chartwell family stands in solidarity with Indigenous Canadians, including our Indigenous employees and residents. The donation will be used in projects that promote cultural revitalization and cultural pride for intergenerational survivors of Residential Schools. To learn more about the Legacy of Hope Foundation, please visit To view our Press Release, please click here.

Chartwell Renaissance's residents spent the day relaxing by a beautiful lake

Some of our residences celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day by leading thoughtful and educational discussions with residents. At Chartwell Avondale Retirement Residence in Toronto, Ontario, staff wore orange and made 215 ribbon hearts to commemorate the children recently found at the former Kamloops Residential School. They also dedicated an entire day to sharing Indigenous-inspired stories and artwork. Residents Frank and Dinny brought their own Aboriginal books and even read some of the old tales. Dinny, a former teacher, recalled how she made it a priority to teach her students about Indigenous culture and recalled picking up materials from the Royal Ontario Museum so that she could ensure she was promoting an inclusive environment within her classroom. Thank you to residents and staff for recognizing this special day, educating each other and sharing your stories and memories.

I am so pleased to see the continuing decline of COVID-19 case counts and the incredible vaccination rates across the country. More than 26% of adults have received two doses of the vaccine and 68% have received at least one dose – the highest in the world! That is truly something to be proud of and to celebrate as we begin to see our economy gradually reopen. Thank you to our dedicated Chartwell employees who have done an exceptional job throughout this pandemic ensuring their residents, family members and colleagues were kept healthy and safe. We are grateful to have the most supportive and committed employees that have remained #ChartwellStrong through some of the toughest days. We see you, we acknowledge you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Chartwell Experience

Chartwell Cité-Jardin celebrated Simone's 100th birthday

At Chartwell Orchards in Vineland, Ontario, staff are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for their residents. That means getting to know them on a more personal level and learning about their histories. After Averil’s husband passed away in 2008, the family donated a bench in his memory at the couple’s favourite park. Thanks to LPM Cassie, she took Averil on a scenic drive to that park to visit the bench and spend some time reminiscing about her late husband and the memories they shared. Thank you to our staff for always finding ways to make a positive impact on the lives of our residents.

A Worthy Read

Janine Reed, Chartwell's Senior Director of Communications and Public Relations recently lent me a fascinating book by Jean-Marc Léger, Jacques Nantel and Pierre Duhamel: Cracking the Quebec Code: The 7 keys to understanding Quebecers. Jean-Marc Leger, a cofounder of one of the largest market research and analytics company and his co-authors paint a somewhat surprising portrait of the Quebec personality and discuss 7 key traits that make Quebecers unique and different from other Canadians and Americans. Each trait, such as creativity, joie de vivre, pride, etc., is discussed in a separate chapter and backed up with great stories and market research data. The book certainly gives much food for thought for those doing business in La Belle Province and those wanting to learn more about its people.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer