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Categories : Notes from our CEO

May 04, 2021

Happy May! This month, we always look forward to celebrating Employee Appreciation Week to recognize the hard work and dedication of our incredible #ChartwellStrong employees. This year, recognizing the realities of the pandemic, our homes will hold events during the month of May to honour their exceptional employees. The past year has been extremely challenging, and yet our staff have shown more strength, perseverance, and empathy than ever before. I am so grateful to each one of them for having so much heart and passion for what they do. I look forward to hearing about the unique ways our homes will be recognizing their employees this month, and I hope to share some of those stories with all of you.

In honour of Employee Appreciation Month, we are creating an e-book entitled “#ChartwellStrong: A Tribute to our Heroic Employees” that will profile 38 corporate and front-line employees who went above and beyond their roles in 2020. We will begin sharing a few profiles each week on our social media channels and I highly recommend taking the time to read them. Short, yet incredibly impactful, these profiles give a wonderful glimpse into the chaos of the past year and how our employees rose above the many challenges.

Rabab, a Registered Practical Nurse at Chartwell Cawthra Gardens Long Term Care

This January, a new joint initiative was launched by Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation, Ontario Health, Ontario Long Term Care Association, AdvantAge Ontario, Ontario Associations of Resident Councils, and Family Councils Ontario, to spread awareness of long-term care (LTC) team members’ mental health in a series of videos from residents and families in LTC. Using the hashtag #TLCforLTC, the videos are meant to leverage the focus on mental health and direct attention to the dedication and hard work of front-line team members in LTC. In a show of solidarity, Chartwell has begun a week-long social media campaign to help amplify this message. One of the stories featured on our social accounts is of Rabab, a Registered Practical Nurse at Chartwell Cawthra Gardens LTC who received more than 30 thank you messages from families. She is described as an “angel sent from heaven,” and one of the messages reads “Thank you, Rabab, for taking care of my grandmother. We know she is well loved there.” Thank you to Rabab, and to all our LTC heroes, for putting the lives of your residents first and for continuing to be the heart and soul of your homes. We welcome you to share these stories, and others, throughout the week.

I’d like to recognize six employees who recently won Chartwell’s 2020 Leadership Award. The Leadership Award, which was presented at our virtual Leadership Conference, includes criteria such as: provides exemplary leadership, communicates regularly to provide clarity and obtain feedback, demonstrates corporate values, and encourages personal accountability. The winners were: Christina Matta, Administrator, Chartwell Pine Grove LTC; Lisa Smith, Senior Manager, Imagine Dementia Program; Laura Ciarallo, General Manager, Chartwell Hollandview Trail; Julie Pearce, General Manager, Chartwell Bayview; Ola McIntosh, General Manager, Chartwell St. Albert; and Michel Peloquin, General Manager, Chartwell Le Teasdale. Congratulations to all the winners who play a key role in the success of their residences and our organization. Some comments from their nomination forms include:

“She sets her staff up for success so that even in her absence, her team can run the home autonomously and to the standard of excellence she’s always maintained.”
“Even on Christmas eve, she went door to door to each resident suite to give them her own personal holiday greeting and to provide reassurance that the team was on site to keep them safe.”
“Even before we asked, he had already met and discussed with each of the departments how to do things differently and anticipate the unforeseeable.”
“Not once did she miss a beat and was instrumental at building confidence and trust with external health partners and families.”

The Chartwell Experience

Rabab, a Registered Practical Nurse at Chartwell Cawthra Gardens Long Term Care

Alexandra Morrisseau, Lifestyle and Program Manager at Chartwell Oasis Saint-Jean in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, is always bursting with creativity and is known for brightening the lives of her residents. While resident Suzanne was required to isolate in her apartment, Alexandra offered her 3D model airplane puzzles to assemble to help keep her busy and entertained. Suzanne became so passionate about building, she began selling her models to raise funds for the Mira Foundation, an organization that provides guide dogs and service dogs to people with disabilities. Thank you to Alexandra for encouraging and supporting Suzanne’s passion!

A Worthy Read

On the recommendation of Sri Divanahi, Chartwell’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing, I recently read a book by Raja Rajamannar, the Chief Marketing Officer at Mastercard, called “Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers.” In the book, the author details the evolution of marketing, from product marketing to emotional marketing to digital marketing to mobile and social marketing. The new, fifth paradigm is quantum marketing, or what the author describes as “a tsunami” of emerging technologies—artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, wearable devices, drone deliveries, 3D printing, 5G wireless, telemedicine and holographic projection, to name a few—that will bring unprecedented disruption. Those curious about all things marketing will find this a very interesting read.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer