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Categories : Notes from our CEO

April 06, 2021

I hope you had a wonderful Easter long weekend and that you are continuing to stay healthy and safe. The warmer Spring weather has brought a renewed sense of hope and optimism and I hope each of you enjoyed some well-deserved time with your families.

I continue to be impressed with the stories of the extraordinary work our teams across the country are doing, delivering exceptional services and quality care to our residents, keeping them engaged and active, and creating personalized memorable experiences. Just take a look below at a few examples under The Chartwell Experience heading. It is because of our teams’ dedication, creativity and drive that I am confident in my belief that those who chose to live at Chartwell made the right decision and that we are making their lives better every day. This belief is also reinforced by the numerous expressions of gratitude that I personally receive, as well as our teams, from residents and their families. I know many of our residents feel relieved that they aren’t living alone during such a tough time and are thankful they have the support of our dedicated staff to help brighten their days.

As vaccinations continue to roll out, I know our residents, staff and family members feel a sense of relief and protection from the virus. We now know from experience that these vaccines work, because despite the increase in community spread of the virus and its variants, outbreaks and case counts in our residences have declined substantially. I strongly encourage everyone who lives, works and steps foot into our homes to get vaccinated as soon as they can to help keep our residents safe and COVID-free. Let’s continue to work together in the fight against COVID-19 and ensure we are doing everything we can to limit our exposure and keep those around us healthy and safe. I am hopeful that in the coming weeks, as more Canadians continue to get vaccinated, we will see a decline in overall cases.

I previously spoke about Chartwell receiving conditional approval from the Ontario Ministry of Long Term Care for four development projects, including 467 new beds to facilitate the redevelopment of three of our older homes. It was great to see that the Ontario government’s commitment to support the Long Term Care sector has also been demonstrated in their 2021 budget. The budget included a multi-year $5 billion investment in long term care to help improve services and care, redevelop older homes and add new capacity for our growing senior population. We are grateful to the Ontario government for taking these bold steps to improve services and care for our seniors. Both these welcomed announcements reinforce the importance of building successful partnerships, as there should be nothing more important than the safety, comfort and quality of life of our residents. This has been, and will continue to be, our highest priority every day.

The Chartwell Experience

Chartwell Avondale in Toronto

A brilliant initiative began last May at Chartwell Avondale in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to Retirement Living Consultant Chrissy Kelton and her hometown best friend, Maylin, the two came up with an idea to highlight the adventures of Maylin’s two-year old son, Edison, in a weekly newsletter for residents to enjoy. Some 40-plus issues later, it is clear the impact these newsletters have had on both residents and Edison’s mom. Thank you to Chrissy, Maylin and of course, Edison, for creating this memorable and personalized initiative and for undoubtedly brightening the days of so many of our residents.

Chartwell Churchill House

Staff at Chartwell Churchill House in North Vancouver, B.C., went above and beyond to make Nowruz a memorable occasion for residents. Staff members Elahe and Norya came in on their days off to help celebrate the Persian New Year, complete with dancing, singing and traditional set-ups, including a Haftseen Table featuring symbolic foods, flowers and beautiful colours. Sima, the home’s Cook, made some delicious Persian delicacies for residents and Keyvan, a dining room staff members, asked to work as a server that day so he could be part of the festivities. Staff infused an infectious energy throughout the day and residents were enthralled by all the music, dancing and smiles. Thank you to our exceptional staff for ringing in the New Year with such enthusiasm and for creating a special moment in your home.

A Worthy Read

“Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them" by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini. A thoroughly researched and well-written book providing a compelling case to shifting organizations perspectives and structures from hierarchies and centralized control to unleashing the creativity and innovation of people who work there. The book contains insightful and detailed reviews of some of the organizations – including Haier, Handelsbanken, NUCOR, Michelin, and others – that have successfully made, or are in the process of making, this shift.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer