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Categories : Notes from our CEO

March 16, 2021

On Thursday, March 11, one year after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, we came together as a company to celebrate #ChartwellStrong Day. A day to recognize the immeasurable contributions of our dedicated staff, thank our supportive residents and family members, and honour the lives of those we tragically lost.

From the deeply powerful video: Thank You, For Everything, to the strong show of solidarity among employees who updated their profile pictures with our #ChartwellStrong banner, it was heartwarming to see the unity across our homes and the sense of pride displayed so widely across our company. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this day a memorable one. I’d also like to thank our incredibly talented employees who helped to write, to create, and to perform the memorable Chartwell Strong anthem - Jean Pageau (writer and vocals), Tim Rawlings (percussion), Sophie Denis (vocals), Adrian Martin (bass) and William Churma (guitar). The song is not only an incredibly catchy tune, but as Jean explained it, a wonderful reflection of the moments in our homes that matter most and the ongoing commitment and dedication we all have as employees to making the lives of our residents better. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring and meaningful song with us, we were honoured to showcase it on #ChartwellStrong Day.

Residents at Chartwell Trilogy LTC painted thank you stones

I know our residences went above and beyond on #ChartwellStrong Day to make it an unforgettable day filled with moments of reflection, hope, and praise. As the stories and photos begin to roll in, I’d like to share a couple noteworthy moments from our homes. At Chartwell Trilogy LTC in Scarborough, Ontario, residents on the Oakview Floor painted ‘thank you’ stones to gift to staff and show their appreciation for all they have done.

Chartwell Lord Lansdowne and local donut shop hands out free coffee and donuts to staff and residents

At Chartwell Lord Lansdowne in Ottawa, Ontario, the home partnered with a local donut shop and handed out free coffee, hot chocolate and mini donuts to staff and residents as a way of saying ‘thanks’. Residents also helped Lifestyle and Program Manager Amy cut out 365 paper butterflies to recognize every day of the pandemic and how far they’ve come together as a team.

I’d also like to share our recently released Year End 2020 Results where I discuss the profound impact COVID-19 has had on the lives of our residents, their families, and our employees, as well as on our business. The past year has been one of the most difficult in Chartwell’s history, yet despite this, I remain optimistic about our future. I know we have the drive, determination, and commitment of our staff who are eager and ready to support our residents, to welcome new ones, and to continue to provide exceptional experiences. While there is no doubt the pandemic has affected our industry, I know there are brighter days ahead and I look forward to what 2021 will bring. Thank you to our staff for remaining positive and for instilling hope in the lives of our residents and their family members. We couldn’t have come so far without your support.

The Chartwell Experience

Chartwell Jardins Notre-Dame pays tribute to residents on International Women's Day

In honour of International Women’s Day last week, staff at Chartwell Jardins Notre-Dame in Gatineau, Quebec, paid tribute to women residents with a glass of wine and delicious chocolates. But it was their Lifestyle and Program Manager, Dominique who really went above and beyond and sat down with each resident, one-by-one, to chat with them and truly make them feel respected and celebrated. The residents were elated to share their stories and welcomed the thoughtful and personable visit. Thank you to Dominique and all the staff who helped to create unforgettable moments for our inspiring women residents.

Worth Watching

If you are looking for some light entertainment with a flair, I recently came across a French language series on Netflix titled “Call my Agent”. The show is about the ups and downs of a talent agency and how the personal and professional stories of its main characters get mingled, and sometimes, conflicted. The remarkable part of this show is that every episode features guest appearances of famous European actors.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer