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Categories : Notes from our CEO

May 04, 2020

As we enter the eighth week of our “all hands on deck” fight with the COVID-19 pandemic, I continue to be inspired by extraordinary efforts of all Chartwell employees. There are just not enough words to fully describe my gratitude to each and every one of them. To our staff - Thank you. For Everything.

From the beginning of this pandemic, Chartwell has been actively working with our peers and provincial industry associations to advocate with various governments for direct funding to recognize the exceptional contribution of front-line staff in retirement and long term care residences. Recent announcements by the Provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta acknowledge what we know: that employees working in our homes are heroes in responding to this crisis and that they are going above and beyond their regular call of duty to care for those most vulnerable to this disease. We thank Premier Legault, Premier Ford and Premier Kenney for recognizing these front-line employees for their tremendous efforts, their commitment and their critical value during this time.

Leadership always matters and it is being put to test even more in this time of crisis. It has been truly amazing to see how our residences management teams have stepped up to the challenge. Their rapid, well-coordinated response to numerous and ever-changing government directives have been extraordinary. Whether it is planning for outbreaks or managing through them, coordinating single-site requirements and dealing with staff shortages, communicating with families, residents, communities and various health authorities, or stepping in to cover front-line shifts and duties, our residence managers were up to the task and ready to do all it takes to succeed in this fight. They deserve our special thanks and recognition.

Chartwell ‘s efforts to do what is right to keep our people safe is frequently recognized by residents and families and today I’m happy to also share a comment from a Workplace Safety inspector who further validates our efforts:

"Chartwell's response to COVID -19 far exceeds anything else that I am seeing out there in my inspections of other employers. The detail and clarity in the actions and directions by the organization is beyond impressive and far exceeds any [requirements]. It is nice to see a company that can respond so fluidly to something that is changing so quickly."

Our people have always been essential. The pandemic made us even more firm in this belief. I would like to express my deepest respect for our employees for the great care, compassion and resilience they exhibit every day in our residences.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer