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Categories : Media Releases and Statements

April 29, 2020

Dear Chartwell employees

While Chartwell fights COVID-19 on the frontlines to keep our residents and staff safe, sadly there are some who have chosen to use this time of crisis to attack us. You may have come across some social media postings alleging that Chartwell hires underpaid and unqualified staff, does not provide personal protective equipment and puts profit before safety. These postings are also calling for the end of private sector participation in long term care and retirement living sectors.

While I support the right of all individuals and organizations to express their views and beliefs, I also believe in taking responsibility for spoken and published words. That responsibility includes being held accountable for spreading misinformation, especially knowingly.

You should know that these statements are outright lies that attack not only the Chartwell brand, but all of us, working together on behalf of our residents and their families. It is unfortunate that this misinformation is allowed to be published by the various social media outlets.

We will respond to these attacks in an appropriate manner and at the appropriate time; however, we will not allow these attacks to distract us from our focus on safety and security. While individuals and organizations peddling these lies to suit their political agendas have so far had no accountability, we do. Chartwell is accountable to our staff, our residents, our family members, and through dozens of regulatory requirements to provincial governments. As a publicly traded company, we are also accountable to our unitholders and are held to the highest standards of corporate governance. We have a track record of fulfilling our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders and we will maintain that record. Please visit our website to refer to recent press releases highlighting some of our efforts to protect our staff and residents. You will see that we have invested millions of dollars in personal protective equipment and in our staff. We have met provincial and federal public health guidelines, often exceeding them.

To anyone who is not sure where the truth lies or who has any questions about Chartwell – please reach out to us. We are committed to being as open and transparent as possible. We are also willing to discuss any facts and suggestions on how to get better at what we do.

While distracting, please know that these attacks will not take our focus away from our commitment to keep our residents and staff safe every day, and most especially, during this pandemic.

Thank you so much for everything.

Please help us fight these lies by telling your stories of Chartwell on your own social media network or follow us to add your voice to the wonderful and inspiring stories we are sharing on our social channels.


Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer