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Categories : Notes from our CEO

April 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all our lives. As difficult as these changes are for all of us, the enhanced precautionary measures have the most profound impact on those living and working in our residences and on their families.

Every day the stories of the selfless dedication of our front-line staff to our residents and their families continue to inspire all of us. Their work and the work of our regional and corporate support teams during this crisis has been truly exceptional. I am deeply grateful to all of them for their commitment to Making Peoples’ Lives Better, especially in this extraordinary time.

I want to add a special note of appreciation and respect to our residents themselves. Their patience, understanding and support for our staff during these prolonged limitations on their daily lives is extraordinary. Our residents have always inspired us with their optimism, wisdom and trust and it is appreciated now more than ever.

We are working hard to make sure the families of our residents stay informed and connected to their loved ones, despite the physical access restrictions. I would be remiss not to mention the overwhelming support and encouragement we receive from them. This support gives us strength and drives us even more to do everything possible for the safety and well-being of our residents.

We strongly believe that that one of the critical response measures we’ve taken to ensure the safety of our employees and residents and to minimize the transmission of COVID-19, is access to and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). I’m proud to say that in addition to our efforts to ensure the integrity of our own pandemic supply chain to allow us to reliably source appropriate PPE, last week, Chartwell announced its support and participation in a new national initiative - CAPES (Canadian Alliance to Protect and Equip Senior Living).

CAPES represents a group of seniors housing operators, supported by a small group of sector volunteers and partners, who agreed to combine efforts and financial resources to act as a joint purchasing group to access a network of credible global suppliers and logistics channels. All CAPES members committed to overfund their PPE requirement by 35% to allow the excess supplies to be made available at cost to smaller operators across Canada through an online portal. Within a short time, the initiative grew to a purchasing group of more than 25 Canadian retirement and long term care operators and has already processed over 15 million pieces of PPE for retirement and long-term care homes across Canada. Chartwell will continue to contribute funds in advance for purchases by smaller operators and is firmly committed to the availability of PPE for all senior living residences in Canada, including dedicating some of our staff to assist with distribution logistics.

Chartwell is proud to work with our seniors housing colleagues, service providers and associations across Canada to support each other and particularly smaller operators through this challenging time.

You can read more through this link.

I’d also like to recognize governments across Canada as important partners in moving swiftly to help our sector with urgent, responsive and flexible solutions during this unprecedented time including by providing support with personal protective equipment (PPE), funding for enhanced prevention and compliance measures, prioritized testing as well as numerous emergency orders and directives which allow us to keep our staff and residents safe. We also thank the governments of Quebec, Alberta and Ontario who have announced temporary pandemic compensation payments for many front-line workers, including those in long term care and retirement residences, to recognize their dedication, long hours and increased risks.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer