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Communication Centre

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Categories : Notes from our CEO

April 20, 2020

People are our strength

Chartwell’s strength is our people and these unprecedented times have brought out the best in them. The commitment and dedication of our staff at all levels of the organization has been absolutely inspiring and I am grateful to each and every one of them. The overwhelming support, encouragement and gratitude we receive from our residents and their families every day reinforces my confidence that we will prevail in this crisis and will come out of it stronger.

Our residences’ staff are true heroes and so are our regional and corporate support teams. Teams that work virtually around the clock to provide clear direction to residences, source personal protective equipment (PPE), to support the on-site teams with regular communication and to provide our residences with 24/7 hotlines for care, information technology services, recruitment and other needs. As an example of these efforts, despite significant disruptions to supply chains around the world, we were able to source sufficient quantities of PPE and with support of various governments we are making it available to staff at all of our residences.

We thank various governments and public health agencies for their increased focus on the critical and unique needs of the senior housing sector across all provinces. Clear, actionable public policy directions, collaborative work with the senior living operators, frequent communication touch-points are very important in the current situation. We are asking our health care partners to do more to reallocate staff and volunteers from the currently underutilized hospitals and home care services to the senior living facilities that are now on the front line of fighting this virus.

In the midst of these urgent, critical and coordinated responses to a well-acknowledged global surge that has hit senior populations the hardest the public story has unfortunately moved to lay blame to those working to support these individuals. The proliferation of the negative media has been frustrating. That narrative does not do justice for what we know is taking place in our homes where dedicated, compassionate heroes, despite the known risk, arrive to work in a long term care or retirement residence every day to take care of someone else’s loved one. The overwhelming support and gratitude that families and residents continue to share with us keeps us going and helps us not be distracted or swayed by all this negative media. We will continue to do what’s right for our residents and their families because that is our purpose.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer