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Categories : Notes from our CEO

April 13, 2020

Every day, stories are shared with me by our homes of staff, families and whole communities we operate in, going to exceptional measures to not only care and protect our residents, but also to offer kindness, inspiration, and maybe, even for a moment, a glimpse of normal.

From bagpipers, musicians and Zumba teachers playing and leading classes on our lawns for residents to follow in their suites, to delivery carts for happy hour or special treats, to words of gratitude and reassurance, our residents are surrounded by compassion, strength and love. It is no wonder that they are sending the same message of compassion, strength and love to their family members and provide such an overwhelming support and encouragement to our staff. I cherish these stories. They are our inspiration to keep going even when the going gets tough.

If you are reading this, whether an employee, family member, investor, vendor or a member of the media, please take a moment to follow Chartwell on our social media channels where we are sharing these moments that are not being talked about enough in media coverage. These are the stories about how, in good times or in difficult times, this pandemic included, we provide our residents with the care, comfort and connection they need in a safe setting. How families openly express their gratitude for this support and recognize the commitment of our employees working through their own concerns to care for someone else’s loved one. How essential our services and employees are, not just in a crisis, but every day for the over 28,000 residents who call us home.

To all of our staff - thank you for everything you are doing to make someone else’s life better. As they say, in real life, heroes rarely wear capes but what truly defines a hero is their willingness to go where others would turn away. That is the what you are doing every day. Thank you!

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer