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Colder weather is on its way, and with many of us mindful of social distancing rules, we’ll be spending more time indoors looking for activities to engage our minds, feed our spirits and warm our hearts.
 Here are eight activities to get you into an autumn frame of mind (and body)
Staying physically active helps seniors keep physically, mentally and emotionally fit, and maintain their independence longer.
Getting outdoors can be a wonderful tonic for your physical and mental health, if you take appropriate precautions to prevent health problems.
Now, more than ever, we need summer—long, warm days, gardens in full bloom, and plenty of time to enjoy some fun activities with our social circles that will bring a sense of normalcy.
Chartwell Oakville is a contemporary retirement community in uptown Oakville offering a worry-free lifestyle for independent seniors looking to benefit from convenient services and optional support.
Older women who are physically active each day can improve their health and longevity, even if they start later in life. Age-friendly activities such as tai chai, yoga and brisk walking can ease depression, improve balance and protect against heart disease and stroke.
Reading books regularly for pleasure extends life by about two years on average for older adults. Reading improves mental and emotional health by boosting brain connections, relieving stress and easing chronic pain. It’s also an activity that can lift mood, preserve memory and thinking skills, and enhance quality of life and care for people living with dementia.
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