Testimonial: “It’s nothing like what you read about in the newspapers”

Written by John W., August 2022
Chartwell Westmount Retirement Residence

I never dreamed I’d be living in a retirement residence, and with all the negative publicity these past 2.5 years, I hoped I’d never have to. Yet, after a five-hour operation to remove a parotid gland and a neck dissection, here I am in respite care.

It’s nothing like what you read about in the newspapers, and that is due to the sensitive, concerned, and caring nature of all the employees.

The staff here remind me of the sitcom Cheers, “where everyone knows your name,” and they repeat it everywhere you go. Makes one feel genuinely important.

The food is great. Good variety and very nutritious. Delicious soups are served with every lunch and dinner. Lots of fresh veggies…peas, beans, carrots, corn, and beets, as well as those not so popular but equally wholesome [options like] spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower. If your food is delivered to your door, you’ll find a friendly note on the container wishing you a pleasant meal and suggesting you call the kitchen if there’s anything else you may need.

There’s a travelling minstrel entertainer every Friday afternoon. While he or she plays, treats are served. Other programs include movies, cards, Bingo, Crockinole, gentle exercise classes, sing-a-longs, excursions, name that tune, discussion groups and the list goes on.

If I should have to return to a retirement home, then—without a doubt—this is the place for me.