4 easy décor tips for fall fabulousness

Who can resist autumn’s cool, crisp days, and bountiful harvest of natural beauty? There’s no better time to be outdoors enjoying the stunning colours and sunshine before the weather turns – and it’s also the perfect opportunity to bring some natural fall fabulousness to your indoor décor. Try these tips for a cozy, vibrant seasonal vibe.

Branch out

Gather interesting, curved branches and place them in a large clear vase for an architecturally interesting display, or hang them vertically on the wall. (Perch faux black birds from a craft store on the branches for a spooky Halloween vibe.) Birch logs placed upright on a mantel, stacked in an unused fireplace, or added to an outdoor urn are also beautiful, natural accents.

Turn a new leaf

Collect bunches of fall leaves and display them in brandy snifters, vases, or any large, clear jar. For long-lasting texture and colour, brush them with Mod Podge sealer first. If you want a little more glamour, dip the leaves in fall glitter mixed with the Mod Podge: golds, oranges, and copper colours work best. *

A single leaf or groupings of leaves also look beautiful pressed, preserved, and mounted in a simple frame. There are several easy ways to do this, from pressing with a heavy book to ironing between sheets of waxed paper. *

Gourd for it

Think outside the ornamental-gourd bowl this year by displaying gourds and mini-pumpkins lined up on a long, rectangular dish. Choose white pumpkins for a clean, contemporary look, and hollow them out, inserting tea lights for a lovely dinner centrepiece.

Or you can arrange different gourd sizes, textures, and shapes on a mantel, placing a couple of gourds on top of varying-sized candlesticks, and scattering walnuts or acorns around them. *

A medium or large-sized pumpkin that is hollowed out also makes an inventive container for a bunch of fall flowers or pot of mums.

Spice it up

Nothing says fall like the warm scent of apples, cinnamon, and other scent-sational spices and fruits (and you don’t even have to bring out the rolling pin)! If you’re having friends over, create a welcome aroma by slicing up half a lemon, orange, and apple, placing them in a medium pan, and adding a couple of cinnamon sticks, a tablespoon of whole cloves and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cover with water, simmer on the lowest setting and keep adding water as needed. *

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