Seniors can make a difference in protecting the planet

For many seniors who grew up in the 1930s and 40s, reducing, reusing, and recycling were second nature, simply necessities driven by tough economic times. It turns out those frugal – and eco-friendly – habits are even more important now, as we try to keep our planet healthy.

If you‘ve fallen into believing your individual efforts to go green won’t make a difference, think about your grand- and great-grandchildren, and the kind of world they will inherit. Also consider that there are over seven million people over 65 in Canada today*; if every senior were to implement even one of the following eco-friendly suggestions, think of the difference it would make!

Refresh your knowledge of local recycling rules

Can I recycle Styrofoam cups? What about those foil takeout containers? Recycling rules vary by town and municipality, and often change. Brush up on the rules by visiting your local government waste division, online or by phone.

Go local, go organic

Buying locally farmed foods reduces your environmental footprint in a number of ways: eliminating toxic chemicals protects the land, water, and wildlife; buying local reduces carbon emissions from shipping and supports local farmers. Going organic is also better for your health: a 2016 meta-analysis of organic food studies found organic produce, dairy, and eggs were more nutritious.*

Volunteer your time

Love gardening, bird watching, or just a walk in the park? There are numerous community organizations* looking for volunteers to pick up litter from a trail, help to plant native species, or even provide tours or education sessions. You’ll be helping the planet and educating others about the environment.

Consider where and how you live

Are you living in a large home and find the space and upkeep overwhelming, not to mention the financial and environmental impact? Retirement communities are an excellent alternative, offering built-in social connections and health and wellness supports. Chartwell Retirement Residences has implemented many green initiatives to improve residents’ quality of life, and reduce its carbon footprint. From sourcing 70 percent of its in-season produce locally, to creating healthy indoor environments through naturally greening interior spaces, to donating a percentage of total new project costs to One Tree Planted, a leader in sustainable global reforestation, the company is dedicated to sustainability on all fronts.

Learn more about how a Chartwell retirement residence can make your life better in every way. Call 1-855-461-0685 today to find your nearest community.