5 fun spring activities to get outside for seniors

The weather is warming up, and more than ever this year, it’s time to celebrate spring outdoors If you need more motivation than throwing off your winter parka, remember that being outside is good for your mental, physical and emotional health.

Enjoy a picnic

You don’t have to hike a cooler full of sandwiches, salads, and desserts to a wilderness area to enjoy a picnic experience. Simply pack a non-refrigerated sandwich, fruit and drink in a reusable tote or backpack, and head out to your local park or quiet green space with a bench or table. Take time to enjoy your food and contemplate the natural—and human—world around you.

Go cloud watching

Who doesn’t have a childhood memory of lying in a field gazing up at the clouds? While a ground-level perspective may no longer be an option, seeing if you can find interesting shapes and creatures, or identifying cumulonimbus or cirrus formations, certainly is. For an even calmer and contemplative experience, combine your cloud watching with deep breathing exercises.

See the stars

Now that the weather is getting warmer, think about choosing a clear night to watch the latest astronomical event. Check when the next meteor shower is via the 2022 Canadian Astrological Calendar.* Simple star gazing could also be a great activity to do with grandchildren, family, or friends, both for fun and safety. There are online, interactive sky maps to help you find Orion, Ursa Major, or any other star.*

Feed the birds

If you can’t go to see the birds, have the birds come to you! Setting up a bird feeder outside your window, on your balcony (check your building regulations), or in your yard is a healthy way to enjoy our feathered friends. Find out what birds are native to your region,* and invest a few dollars in the right bird feeder and seed.

Visit an outdoor attraction

When is the last time you visited a local outdoor attraction? Many have been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but some are now beginning to re-open. Depending on your comfort level and local safety regulations, start with a low-key farmers’ market, boat ride, outdoor artist market, park event or concert.

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