Tips on how to banish boredom for seniors

Every child on an endlessly long car ride has probably said it: “I’m so bored I could die!” Melodrama aside, dying of boredom may not be as far-fetched as many eye-rolling parents think. A 1980s British study of over 7,500 civil servants found that those who felt bored at work were more than twice as likely to die of heart problems 25 years later than those who did not report being bored.*

Boredom, explained

What is boredom? Merriam-Webster defines it as, “the state of being weary or restless through lack of interest,” and for seniors who may have challenges in accessing activities, travelling to them, and finding others to join them, boredom can be a daily companion. Boredom also goes hand in hand with loneliness,* which, as some research suggests, is as dangerous to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Combatting boredom

There are numerous ways for seniors to combat boredom, including keeping mentally, physically and spiritually active, trying new things, and importantly, maintaining a social life with friends and family. But while it’s easy to identify the antidotes to boredom, how do you apply them?

How retirement living can help

Retirement communities offer a prescription for healthy, active living, where residents enjoy a satisfying, meaningful lifestyle, and boredom seldom flourishes.

For example, just check the activity calendar at a Chartwell retirement residence, and you’ll find recreational activities to keep you mentally fit, such as discussion groups, lessons on navigating social media, book clubs, and Scrabble tournaments.

Staying physically active is just as easy with chair yoga, Tai Chi, walking groups, and dedicated exercise classes.

Feeling creative? How about art and music groups, gardening, and craft sessions?

People with a sense of purpose are seldom bored, and retirement residences also offer volunteer opportunities for residents, partnering with local charitable organizations and causes.

For many seniors, what makes these activities especially fulfilling, is the enjoyment in doing them with fellow residents. The numerous planned social activities, such as themed dinners, happy hours, outings, celebrations, and religious services, make boredom a distant memory.

Even those who don’t consider themselves particularly “social” can find spontaneous ways to connect with others. Designed with common spaces that encourage people to gather for coffee, a drink, a meal, or simply a fireside chat, retirement residences are true communities, where staff and residents form lasting and satisfying relationships.

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