5 loving ways to celebrate Valentine’s with a senior loved one

While romance gets all the hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day, why not honour the love, affection, and special bond you have with the senior loved ones in your life? Here are five ways to celebrate, some designed for in-person gatherings and others for virtual meet-ups:

Watch a movie that celebrates love

From the classics such as Singin’ in the Rain, to the more contemporary The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Up (a great animated movie perfect for adults and children), choose a film that celebrates love. Add in a glass of wine, and some heart-shaped cookies, and you have a feel-good celebration.

Share memories

Ask your senior loved one to tell the story of how they met their spouse, perhaps enjoying some old photos too. Or share stories of first loves or best friendships. These are lovely ways to learn more about an older adult’s earlier life.

Organize a virtual call with friends or family

If getting together in person isn’t possible, help your loved one set up a video call over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Crown them the “guest of honour” and spend a leisurely time catching up. If grandchildren are present, ask them to share a joke or a song. Make the fact that it’s Valentine’s a lighthearted jumping-off point, perhaps asking each participant which famous person they might fall in love with.

Paint some “love rocks”

During the pandemic, adults and children have been painting small rocks with messages of hope and kindness, placing them in parks and gardens. Gather some pebbles and enjoy a painting session, decorating the stones with hearts, flowers or any written or visual symbol of love and positivity. Leave their placement up to your loved one!

Be heart healthy

Even if the temperatures are crisp, go for a walk with your older loved one on a safe, cleared path. Getting outside is important not just for heart health, but for mental health too, especially during winter and times when indoor-gathering restrictions may apply. Revel in the sun, the birds, and all the life around you.

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