3 ways you’ll gain more freedom in a retirement residence

Talk to any older adult about their plans for the future and they’ll often say, “I don’t want to lose my freedom or independence.” It’s a valid concern: no one wants to feel dependent or like their life is dictated by others—and no one wants to arrive at the point in life when they actually could enjoy more freedom, only to have it taken away.

For those people not familiar with all that senior living communities have to offer, the “loss of freedom” rationale has been a reason not to consider retirement living as an option. But what if the opposite were true? What if a retirement residence actually gave you more freedom in your later years? What if senior living not only gave you freedom from things—such as worry about home maintenance and security—but offered you freedom to do things—such as gain meaningful new friendships and try satisfying new activities?

Consider these three ways you can experience more freedom while living at a retirement community:

  1. You have freedom and choice in your move. Based on your preferences and needs, as well as your individual lifestyle requirements, you choose the size and style of your suite and how to decorate it. You also choose the services you receive. This includes everything from meal options, housekeeping services and any care services you may need (if any). In a retirement residence, you are empowered to craft what your lifestyle looks like, as well as what aspects of life you’d appreciate support with.

  2. You continue to be free to do whatever you do now. Like any home, in a retirement residence you come and go as you please, heading out when you feel like it to meet with friends for coffee, attend church, go shopping, stay at your family cottage, or go away on vacation. A retirement community doesn’t change your lifestyle—it only enhances it.

  3. You now have the freedom—and energy—to pursue what brings you joy in life. Imagine: free from the worries of taking care of your home, or concern about bringing in home care, or having to go out in inclement weather for groceries, or feeling guilty that you have to depend on family or friends for assistance. Instead, when you don’t feel like going out, you are able to socialize with new friends in one of your residence’s many common areas, or pursue something you enjoy. Perhaps you’ll find yourself attending an art class, trying tai-chi, or discussing the latest bestseller at your book club—all without having to leave your residence. The choice is yours.

Retirement communities also offer new freedoms you may not have envisioned, or perhaps thought were out of reach. Freedom from isolation or loneliness through wonderful new friendships; freedom to pursue passions that are offered on your doorsteps; and freedom from worry about the future, knowing that personal care services are available.

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