What does peace of mind mean to you?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that peace of mind is a precious commodity. Older adults may feel uncertain about their lives and what the future holds—and that worry can take an emotional and physical toll on health and well-being.

Your living situation can be one of the largest determinants of how much peace of mind you enjoy. For many seniors, a retirement residence provides—on several levels—the peace of mind they are looking for. But what does peace of mind mean to you? Do you recognize yourself in any of the following scenarios?

    My definition of peace of mind is…

  1. Feeling safe in my surroundings

    It’s important to me to feel safe and secure in my home and in my neighbourhood. Since the pandemic, I’ve hesitated going out for groceries or for appointments.

    It’s also important to me to enjoy peace of mind about being alone in my home; I don’t want to worry about falling and no one knowing.

    A retirement residence provides security and safety in several ways. There is the security of knowing that visitors are screened before they come in. There is the convenience of having transportation available to take you to any appointments, shopping or outings (as restrictions lift). And there is huge peace of mind knowing that staff are on-site on a 24/7 basis.

  2. Being surrounded by people who care about me

    The pandemic has shown me how important it is to maintain social contact. It’s so easy to become isolated, not seeing someone for days. Peace of mind means knowing there are people there for me.

    After moving to a seniors’ community, many people find their social lives are revitalized. Even during the pandemic, retirement residences worked hard to provide activities and social contact. Being able to chat to friends in the residence—even socially distanced—buoyed people’s spirits during difficult times.

    Residents also feel they are part of a built-in community. Staff care deeply about residents and are dedicated to making lives better by promoting their health, happiness and sense of fulfilment.

  3. Not worrying about the future

    I want to enjoy my life—do the things I want to do; spend time with the people I cherish, without worrying needlessly about what the future holds. I don’t want to spend time stressing about maintaining my current home or thinking about how I’m going to get more personal support if I need it. I want to control my future—and my independence—now. That is true peace of mind.

    A retirement residence gives you options for your future. You choose how you want to lead your life, maintaining a lifestyle that is as active and independent as you like, with no worry about meals or home maintenance if you wish for support. If you need personal assistance for health and well-being, help is always available. Peace of mind is built in the moment you move in!

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