3 reasons seniors love retirement living now

In the spirit of love, friendship and Valentine’s Day, here are three things seniors love about their Chartwell retirement residence right now:

Friends are right there in the residence.

One of the joys of friendship is seeing your friends regularly. That’s a huge benefit for seniors living in a retirement residence; they can spend time with as wide—or as small—a circle of friends they choose, all who live in the same building.

Seniors about to move into a retirement residence are often worried about making friends, only to find themselves enjoying wonderful new relationships.

“Bonnie I met when I first came here, and we got to be more friends, and then Joan came along, and she fits in like my sister. We have so much fun together; we look forward to walking and seeing one another and being as busy with one another as we want. They’re there for me as much as I am for them.”
-Sally, Chartwell resident

Senior living residents who moved before or during COVID-19 are confident they made the right decision, knowing that being “locked down” in their own home would have been isolating and lonely.

“Well, people say to me, ‘I would never live in a retirement home.’ I said, you are very much mistaken because that’s the very best place you could be, especially in COVID. Here, you have all this help around you. You don’t have all this responsibility. You’re sure your world is safe—because it is.”
Marion, Chartwell resident

No worries about getting extra support

For seniors living in their homes during the pandemic, it’s sometimes difficult to access extra help with, for example, personal care, cooking and cleaning. Feeling safe and protected can be especially difficult during this time.

Senior living communities offer built-in supports, with strict COVID-19 safety protocols in place that help protect residents.

“The support I need is someone to help me get dressed, and to walk. It’s a great relief to have the wellness centre inside the building because it saves you going out. I just love it here.”
Marilyn, Chartwell resident

Safe, creative activities during the pandemic

Isolated in their own homes, some seniors have found boredom setting in, unable to follow their regular routines of getting out to enjoy walks, socializing and hobbies.

Retirement residences offer a wide range of fun and satisfying things to do. During the pandemic, residences have pivoted to creative, safe activities that follow social distancing rules.

“Chartwell really works to incorporate the families into activities that are taking place. My mom feels that she has a community here, but she’s not isolated from her family. It’s just incredible how helpful everyone is.”
Theresa, daughter of Mary, Chartwell resident

Chartwell residences remain safe, social and supportive places to call home. Learn more about Chartwell's safety measures.