Is 2021 the year to make a life change for the better?

It’s the start of a new year, and for so many reasons, we’re all looking forward to 2021 with a sense of hope and positive change. For seniors, the new year can be an opportune time to evaluate living circumstances. Maybe you have been living in your own home and the pandemic has heightened feelings of isolation or worry for your safety? Maybe you have received some support from family or home-care workers, but you’re concerned about taking up your loved one’s time, or perhaps about the availability, safety or cost of professional care?

Now may be the time to thoughtfully consider your options, including a move to a senior living community. In addition to safety, support and social opportunities, today’s retirement residences provide a sense of purpose, independence and enjoyment of life. Here’s why a move could mean a life change for the better in 2021:

Gain, not lose your independence this year
No longer does a move to a retirement residence represent a loss of independence for seniors, as convenient services, personalized support and staff who are there to help you lead your best life mean you have the time and energy to do exactly what you want in your retirement years.

Dr. Amy D’Aprix, a gerontological social worker, shared her father’s experience—and reluctance—about moving to a retirement residence, as well as the positive result. Like many new residents, Dr. Amy’s father found a new and surprising independence in the lifestyle offered by his seniors’ community, including new friendships, freedom from managing a house and making meals, and peace of mind in knowing Amy’s mom was receiving the support she needed.

Find joy, comfort and support in new friendships
While a vaccine for COVID-19 is on the way, many seniors will continue to feel isolated from friends and family for the foreseeable future. We know the devastating effects this has on health and happiness when people are denied social contact.

One of the biggest benefits a retirement residence can offer is the built-in opportunities for social connection. New residents often find they make new friends quickly, bonding over shared interests, meals, activities and backgrounds. During the pandemic, many seniors report that their friendships with fellow residents—and support from staff—have given them added strength and comfort.

Make this the year to discover peace of mind in safe surroundings
Given the current pandemic, is a retirement residence a safe choice in 2021? Keep in mind that residents have their own individual suites in a senior living community, and that residences have strict safety protocols to prevent and control outbreaks, while still offering an active and engaging lifestyle.

Residences have always maintained staff on a 24/7 basis, so there is never any worry about being alone and unable to cope, with, for example, a fall or other emergency. Many residents feel much more at ease, knowing they can enjoy secure and comfortable surroundings, including safe outdoor spaces.

There’s no doubt change can be unsettling; however, focusing on the positive power of change can be transforming. Talk with your family and friends; decide on your goals; do your research; and look forward to the next chapter of your life with optimism and hope. Happy new year!

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