The Gift of Finding New Love at 80

Hélène Nolin did not feel ready to leave her home until the charm of the Chartwell Oasis Saint-Jean Retirement Residence, located in her neighbourhood in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, made her see things differently. After visiting the residence, she decided to take the plunge.

Upon her arrival, she was thrilled with the warm welcome of the staff and the beauty of the place. However, the first few nights were more difficult than she had imagined. Worried and unsettled, she had trouble sleeping.

In her very first days in the residence, Hélène met her next-door neighbour, Gilles Boucher, as he was also moving in. Curious to meet this charming white-haired gentleman, she offered to lend a hand.

He accepted her help with pleasure and invited her for coffee. He was obviously more interested in chatting than unpacking his boxes! For hours, they talked about each other’s lives.

This was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship since these lovebirds have so much in common. Both born in the early 1940s, they both lost their spouses to lung disease.

Artists at heart, Hélène and Gilles love oil painting and, on the hobby side, stamp collecting is what unites them. They seemed destined to arrive to Chartwell Oasis Saint-Jean Residence the same week and on the same floor.

To celebrate their first year as a couple, Hélène and Gilles were treated to a blissful evening. The residence’s head chef went to Hélène’s suite to concoct a delicious filet mignon. The kitchen staff did not skimp on presentation: porcelain, silverware and crystal enhanced their gastronomic experience, just like in top restaurants.

After a year of dating, these lovers continue to spend entire days together, beginning with breakfast, and frequently enjoy outdoor outings. They have truly found the recipe for happiness while they embrace this important stage of their life.