Seniors Say: Advice On Making Love Last

Not many people can begin married life with advice based on hundreds of years of experience.

But that’s the case for Erin, Lifestyle Program Manager at Chartwell Queen’s Square in Cambridge, Ontario, and her sweetheart Mitchell. As their wedding day approached, Queen’s Square residents undertook a secret mission. Their wonderful gift was revealed at a surprise shower – a scrapbook filled with best wishes and tips on love, marriage and building a meaningful life, as told through their own love stories.

“I felt so honoured that the residents had taken so much time and effort,” Erin says. “All of the residents were so excited to be involved in such an important milestone in my life. Many residents had their own wedding countdown going and would remind me daily that I was ‘another day closer’ or ‘22 days to go.’”

Mitchell, who knows how close Erin is to the residents, appreciated their guidance on how to be a good groom.

“I think his favourite piece of advice was to ‘make sure the groom and best man have directions to the church’ from a resident whose husband got lost on the way to the ceremony.”

Congratulations, Erin. You are lucky indeed to have so much love in your life.

"No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together."

“Love is an action word. Something you do.” – Ruby, married 54 years

“Hold off on the sleep mask, ear plugs and Granny nightie until after your first anniversary!”

“There are good times and tough times and it is about the way you are able to manage both.” – John and Joan, married 58 years

“Never be afraid to say you are sorry.” - Dorothy and Fred, married 60 years

“Never forget why you fell in love.” – Mary and David, married 64 years

“Look at the light side.” – Jean and Victor, married 63 years

“Listen to each other.”- Michael and Jocelyn, married 58 years.

“Accept all their friends and relatives, even if it is a tall order.”