3 ways to customize your retirement living lifestyle

Now that I’ve reached my senior years, I want to live life on my terms—that’s a statement you’ll often hear from Canadians in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond: after years devoted to family, work and life’s many obligations, they feel it’s their time to shine.

Living in a retirement residence can be a springboard to choosing a life that suits your individual goals, desires and needs. In today’s retirement communities, the fact that you may (or may not) need some additional support is no longer a barrier to leading the life that suits you best.

Consider these three ways you can customize your lifestyle in a retirement residence:

“I still enjoy cooking—but not all the time. Can I find a residence that offers me flexibility on that front?”

Definitely. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Many residences offer delicious, nutritious daily meals in their dining rooms, and depending on your choice of accommodation—suite, apartment, townhome or bungalow—you can opt for a home with a full kitchen or kitchenette, allowing you to still do some—or all—of your own cooking.

If that’s not you, many residences have “country” or “demonstration” kitchens—gathering places where you can bake cookies with your grandchildren, favourite recipes for holiday meals, or simply pursue your culinary hobbies.

“I think I would like to participate in many of the activities available at a seniors’ residence, but I don’t want to be around people all the time. My privacy is valuable.”

While many residents love the varied list of leisure opportunities and outings—gardening, book clubs, dancing, fitness classes, lectures and more—there is no pressure to participate. Retirement living is not summer camp, and you are free to come and go as you like, take a class, participate in a club or happy hour, or stay in your suite to enjoy your time as you please. Seniors often choose to move to a retirement home because of the built-in opportunities to socialize, but those opportunities are always defined by each individual resident.

“I now feel I need support with some daily tasks, like a little help getting dressed. Are those services available, and can I use only the ones I need?”

Retirement residences provide a range of included and optional support services, all dedicated to maximizing independence and improving quality of life. Included services such as 24-hour emergency response, regular supervision and monitoring of well-being, as well as access to fitness and wellness programs give residents peace of mind.

Optional personal support options range from medication administration, help with your daily routine, companionship, meal escorting, and many other valuable services. Many retirement residences also offer ancillary services in the form of podiatrists, physiotherapists, beauty salon stylists and other professionals who work on-site at designated days and times. Again, the choice is yours to tailor your services to your needs, allowing you a personalized experience reflective of how you want to live in your retirement years.

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