What your head—and your heart—might say about moving to a seniors’ residence, part 2

In a recent blog, we talked about how seniors choose retirement living based on a combination of “head” and “heart” reasons. Some of those “head” reasons are purely functional and practical, such as the need live in an accessible environment where you have the services you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Other, more emotionally-driven reasons come from “the heart.” Everyone needs to feel connected to others, for instance, and seniors looking for built-in opportunities for friendship and community often find them in a residence.

All important decisions are based on using your head and heart in the way that works best for you. Here are four more reasons to move to a seniors’ residence that use both approaches:

Your head says, “I love my home, but the upkeep is just too much.”

Home maintenance—grass cutting, snow shovelling, painting, roof replacement, etc.—can be overwhelming and expensive. These chores can also eat up energy and time, especially when those two precious commodities could be devoted to enjoying hobbies, outings and spending time with loved ones. A retirement residence instantly removes those chores by offering services like housekeeping and a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Your heart says, “There are some hobbies and activities I’ve always wanted to pursue, but I don’t know where to start.”

More and more seniors are seizing the moment, treating their later years as a new chapter and an opportunity to try new things, or re-kindle an old interest. Today’s retirement residences offer a myriad of activities and amenities, from book clubs and happy hour to current events discussions and gardening groups. The great thing is that all are offered within the residence, making it easy to do what you want to do—without the barriers of transportation, weather, and extra expense. Retirement residences also offer a selection of outings, too, with transportation provided.

Your head says, “I feel it’s time to give up my car, but I’m afraid I’ll feel isolated.”

Many seniors define their independence by driving; it’s the ticket to getting groceries, running errands and visiting family and friends. But as we age, it can also be a source of worry, and even safety. The cost of maintenance and insurance can add to the load.

Living in a seniors’ community offers a logical solution, as transportation services to grocery stores, malls and other planned outings are often on offer. For residents who choose to drive, secure parking is also available.

Your heart says, “I want peace of mind—not just for myself, but for my family.”

Your retirement years should be focused on living a full and satisfying life, enjoying the company of those close to you.

As it offers peace of mind on many fronts, a retirement residence can actually provide you with more independence to pursue the things that are important to you. That peace of mind can come from delicious prepared meals, engaging activities and amenities, optional health support services, a caring community of friends and staff, and a safe and secure environment. Both residents and their families often discover a new sense of contentment and well-being once they embrace the lifestyle in a retirement community.

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