Before the tour: 4 questions to help your loved one decide

Is your loved one considering retirement living? Before going on a personal visit at a Chartwell retirement community—the very best way to determine if it’s the right residence—some forethought can help make the visit more informative and meaningful for your loved one, and thus help move along the decision-making process.

Every older adult is different in their needs, wants, and expectations of what life is like living in a retirement residence. To help pinpoint your loved one’s unique preferences, consider posing some of these questions to them before going on a tour.

What do you value most about your life right now?

Many seniors will say they value their independence. A move to a retirement residence can actually enhance independence by freeing seniors from the chores, responsibilities and worries that may be weighing them down in their current home. Freedom from preparing meals, maintaining the house and getting out to appointments and shopping leaves many people feeling revitalized, as suddenly they are free to pursue the activities they really want to do.

What kind of activities and hobbies do you do now? What ones would you like to do in future?

Your loved one may enjoy any number of hobbies and activities, perhaps travelling to attend an art, exercise, gardening or music class. They may also be interested in trying a new pursuit, but never had the opportunity to do so.

Retirement residences offer a wide range of amenities and activities, and the opportunity to meet like-minded people who enjoy the same things. New residents often find that their favourite pastime is made even better by sharing it with others. During a tour, share what your loved one’s interests are to see if the residence offers any activities or amenities that would enhance it, or ask if it’s possible to meet a resident with the same interests.

What chores or responsibilities in your life would you be happy not to have to worry about anymore?

Sometimes people may be reluctant to reveal they feel overwhelmed by everyday activities they have done almost their entire lives. Your loved one’s response to this question may show they are not interested in—or no longer have the energy—to shop for and prepare meals, clean, or maintain the house and garden, and therefore give you a good indication of what services they may be specifically looking for at a retirement residence.

A retirement residence removes all of those chores, giving your loved one the opportunity to concentrate on socializing with old and new friends, as well as enjoy the things that are important to them. There is also the option of supportive services, such as help with medication management and assistance with their daily routine.

If your loved one feels now is the time for retirement living, and you’d like to begin exploring Chartwell retirement residences in your preferred area, call us at 1-855-461-0685 to arrange a personal visit of a retirement community in your area.