3 reasons to move into a retirement residence earlier
It’s a phrase you’ll often hear around a great retirement residence: “I should have moved in sooner.”

In the past, people generally waited for a life-changing event before they moved to a senior living residence. Often, a health issue precipitated a move, with the transition to a retirement community taking place during a time of urgency.

Times have changed a lot. Now, older adults are proactively choosing retirement living because they’re attracted to the lifestyle, the services and amenities, and the peace of mind associated with knowing their needs can be taken care of, both today and tomorrow. We often hear new residents comment that they wish they hadn’t hesitated so long before making the move, as they could have begun benefitting from the lifestyle a long time ago. 

Here are some of the reasons we’ve heard residents and their families say they should have moved in sooner.

“I could have enjoyed being around people my own age instead of being on my own, or relying on family for company.”
For some seniors, aging can equate to their social circle getting smaller. It may be because they have lost a spouse, a close friend, or simply because it isn’t as easy to get out and socialize as it once was. As a result, some older adults may find themselves spending more time alone, or relying on family for company.

As retirement communities are inherently social settings, many new residents find their social circle expanding once again, as they have an opportunity to meet and make friends in the comfort of their own home. Even for people previously living with family members, and thus enjoying regular company, the transition can be beneficial, as they can now enjoy conversations with like-minded friends from a similar era. With numerous opportunities to socialize, including during meals, leisure experiences and outings, many residents find a restored sense of purpose and joy in their social lives once they move in.

“I could have enjoyed more of the activities when I was in better health.”
From yoga to chair exercises, art classes and wine tastings, museum tours and charity work, seniors’ residences offer a rich and rewarding variety of experiences that cater to different hobbies and interests.

For people who move in following a health crisis, it can sometimes mean becoming acquainted with their new home while also managing new physical limitations. While today’s retirement communities are designed to cater to almost every challenge experienced by older adults, some residents recognize that—had they moved in earlier—they would have been able to more fully enjoy a wider range of activities and experiences. 

“I could have enjoyed better health, given the great meals and wellness services offered.”
Seniors who choose retirement living are often pleasantly surprised by the varied menus of delicious and nutritious meals served, as well as the opportunity to dine alongside others. Both are important to maintaining good physical and mental health. 

At the same time, the range of wellness services available in most residences makes it much easier to stay healthy. Physical fitness and brain fitness programs, personalized support, spiritual services, social events and entertainment—all of these factors culminate into a lifestyle that maximizes seniors’ health and wellness, helping residents to feel their best.
“I could have enjoyed more years of living my life exactly how I wanted to—independent and not worried about the future.”

Owning and maintaining a home is a big task for anyone, so it’s no surprise that many seniors often find the maintenance involved more taxing as they age. Snow shovelling, yard maintenance, personal security and other tasks can become a concern, and actually end up holding someone back from spending their retirement years exactly how they’d like to. 

Moving to a retirement residence can give seniors back their independence and a renewed sense of living life on their own terms—something they wish they had done a few years’ earlier. Freed from chores, less reliant on family or friends for assistance, and with more time and energy to enjoy friends and hobbies, many residents feel happier and healthier in their new lifestyle.

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