Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Reconnecting with a long-time student makes teacher dream again

Jacqueline L’Heureux Hart, 80, of Chartwell Monastère d’Aylmer in Gatineau, Quebec, knew by the age of 15 that she wanted to become a professional writer. Her dream eventually became a reality, and she has since successfully published 10 books, but it didn’t come easy. During the many years leading up to her writing career, Jacqueline applied her passion for telling stories to a career as a teacher. As a result, she made some lasting connections with her students, particularly with Stéphane, who she taught in 1977.

Recently, he reached out to Jacqueline, and she wanted nothing more than to see him in person again. Jacqueline’s Wish of a Lifetime was to have her pupil from 40 years ago come to visit her in Canada to enjoy the opportunity to reminisce about their extraordinary experiences together as teacher and student. Jacqueline had the opportunity to teach him because of an exchange program between France and Québec, and the experience profoundly affected Stéphane, who now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. With her Canadian accent and all the amazing stories she would share with students, Stéphane viewed her as a teacher who was living proof that a bright, diverse world was out there for him to explore.

Jacqueline has always been an inspiration to the people she meets, due in part to her positive attitude. When faced with life’s hardships, she would always persevere by spreading love and happiness. In her own words, “The best thing you can do is lead a simple life and make the people around you happy.” Talented and generous, Jacqueline is probably one of the most optimistic people one will ever meet. With a name like L’Heureux, which means “the happy one”, spreading joy without expecting anything in return comes naturally to her.

Now a respected author, singer and humanitarian, Jacqueline was thrilled to reconnect with Stéphane thanks to Chartwell and Wish of a Lifetime Canada, revisiting the strong bond that unites them. Her pupil finally had a chance to thank his old elementary school teacher in person, telling her how much of a positive influence she had on his life.

Wish of a Lifetime Canada and Chartwell are proud to promote the tremendous importance for seniors to spend quality time with the people closest to their heart, offering them the opportunity to create new everlasting memories while celebrating previous ones.