Why retirement residence living can be a healthy choice, part 2

Seniors choose to move to a retirement residence for many different reasons—and all expect to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle with the freedom to live the way they want. What many don’t realize, however, is that beyond their initial expectations, making the move to a seniors’ home can actually have surprising health benefits too.

Last month, we blogged about three of those health advantages—here are two more reasons why retirement living can be a healthy choice for you or a loved one:

You choose a retirement residence because you’re worried about the number, frequency and cost of home maintenance chores

Health benefit: less worry means less stress for improved well-being—and freedom

Being retired generally means spending more time at home—which is wonderful, except when it’s not. The downside of having a house or a condo is that it may require upkeep, and not just to maintain its value and integrity, but also to keep it a safe space for any inhabitant with visual, hearing, mobility or balance challenges.

Worrying about and taking care of home maintenance can be demanding. This can lead to chronic stress, which—according to Harvard Medical School—can manifest itself through headaches, indigestion, back pain and other symptoms.

Moving to a senior living community means no more worrying about home maintenance and safety. If the tap drips, someone comes to fix it. If it snows, someone shovels it. All spaces are safe and accessible.

Also, many seniors find that living in a retirement residence is surprisingly freeing. Without the stress of home maintenance chores, including house cleaning and laundry, which many residences offer, you may find yourself less worried and able to devote more time and energy to the pleasures of life that are most important to you. That in itself can contribute to a healthier mind and body.

You choose a retirement residence because you want peace-of-mind about your current and future health needs

Health benefit: A wide range of support options, activities and social opportunities can set you up for enhanced well-being now and in the future

Everyone wants to stay healthy and active as long as possible, and worrying about future health issues is normal. Retirement residences offer a myriad of support options for seniors, from independent living to assisted living. New residents often find that the combination of strong community support from other residents and staff, delicious and nutritious meals, and access to onsite health services and recreational activities all add up to an improvement in overall wellness.

Knowing that many changes in health can be accommodated—and without having to move again—provides many older adults living in retirement communities with invaluable peace-of-mind. Surprisingly, for some seniors who are afraid of losing their freedom upon a move to a residence, their sense of independence becomes stronger than ever before. Being aware that options and supports are available if needed can allows you to live life on your own terms—a fulfilling and healthy pursuit.

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