4 summer activities to get you out of doors

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, take advantage of all it has to offer by enjoying warm weather activities in the great outdoors.

Attend a summer food festival

Almost every town or city has some kind of food or beverage festival during the summer months. Whether that’s Greek, Italian or barbecue cuisine, a local farmers’ festival, or a beer fest, check your community centre or library for listings of taste-tempting events. It’s an opportunity to indulge in favourite dishes, or try some new ones, as well as get to know local restaurants and food-related businesses.

Bring the indoors out

Consider getting a fresh perspective on your indoor activities by doing them outdoors. For example, do you love to paint or draw? Set your easel or sketchbook in a park or garden. Do you normally exercise in a gym? Take your cue from many seniors in Asian countries who exercise—often performing Tai Chi movements—in city parks. One recent Canadian study even showed that women in their 50s and 60s enjoyed better moods and exercised longer when they took their exercise routine outdoors.

Reading or doing crafts are also excellent outdoor activities—not to mention the simple pleasure of chatting with a friend over a coffee or cool drink.

Try metal detecting

A surprising summer hobby you may find yourself enjoying is metal detecting, also known as treasure hunting. Using a lightweight metal detector, you can stroll beaches, parks, gardens and natural sites looking for interesting relics, coins and even gold. It’s a great activity to enjoy with a friend or grandchildren too.

Beyond the thrill of the search, treasure hunters enjoy the benefits of gentle exercise, a mind-focusing activity, talking with passersby about their finds—and maybe even unearthing a hidden treasure.

Go to an outdoor play or concert

When’s the last time you enjoyed a concert in the park? Or a production of Romeo and Juliet? Now is the time to take advantage of your community’s summer outdoor theatre productions and concert schedule. From Shakespeare to jazz to ballet and folk music, there are numerous outdoor summer entertainment choices available, including events with reserved seating for those with mobility challenges. Check with your local community or senior centre for schedules.

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