Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Antoine attends the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Show of Montreal

Antoine Normand, 77, of Chartwell Monastere d’Aylmer in Gatineau, Quebec, describes himself as a “Don Quichotte with a mission.” Known for his generosity and unique sense of humour, he devoted his entire life to advocating for others and encouraging Canadian citizens to seize opportunities to better their lives.

Antoine has always been fascinated with electricity. His wish was to attend the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Show in Montreal to meet like-minded individuals and to stay informed about new and innovative technologies. As part of his career, he worked as a consultant for the government on initiatives such as investigating blood contamination risks with the Red Cross, and work with environmental awareness campaigns.

Throughout his life, Antoine has always found ways of giving back to his community, making sure that each project he worked on would raise awareness or significantly improve the lives of fellow Canadians, either directly or indirectly. At age 77, with 55 years of volunteering under his belt, his desire to continue doing so, despite dealing with physical limitations, still lives on. Antoine attributes this passion of helping others to his parents who deeply instilled noble values in him by repeatedly saying, “whatever you do, make sure it will also help others.”

Thanks to our partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada, Antoine, accompanied by his wife, was thrilled to see his unique and inspiring wish fulfilled. With special passes, he was able to secure his spot as a test driver of the car of his dreams, the groundbreaking Tesla Model X, cruising the streets of Montreal, his wife by his side! “And here I was, suddenly in charge of this magnificent all-electric car, five passengers with me.” “My heart started beating faster.”

In addition to this special treatment, Antoine was surprised with a personal tribute, as well as gifts from the Quebec’s Electric and Hybrid cars Association, honoring his commitment to the cause and all of his years of volunteering. “I received a standing ovation from the 200 participants at this show!” he said. “A week later, I am still not sure it was real!” “It was certainly more than anything I could imagine!”

At 77, Antoine is a proud champion of the electrification of vehicles and truly believes that success in this category of automobiles is the best legacy his generation could leave for future generations.