Chartwell Imperial Place: A Haven of Nostalgia for Resident Norm

Sometimes, moving into a retirement community can be more than just a change of scenery and lifestyle. For Chartwell Imperial Place resident Norm, the experience was as sentimental as thumbing through an old photo album. Norm’s relationship with Chartwell Imperial Place Retirement Residence is a unique one, as his family has a strong connection to the home.

“When it was time for me to start looking at retirement living, Chartwell Imperial Place was the first location that came to mind,” says Norm. “I was familiar with the area and its amenities, mainly because Imperial Place was the very same residence that my parents had chosen some 25 years ago, around the time it became operational.”

For Norm, the decision came easily. As a long-time BC resident, the home felt familiar and comfortable. That being said, he did have to run his decision by Shadow, his 19-year-old feline companion.

“She didn’t put up any fuss,” Norm chuckles. “I knew she’d be happy because the residence allows small pets. She’s settled in nicely here on the ground floor. A few weeks ago she even enjoyed a little shrimp salad treat that I brought up to her from the lunch menu. I’m sure it reminded her of our time travelling along the Pacific Coast with my wife, years ago.”

But Shadow isn’t the only one experiencing nostalgia at Chartwell Imperial Place. Norm is often reminded of his parents when he passes by the Bingo room, a game they loved playing during their time at the residence.

“My father busied himself as a Bingo caller while he was here, a responsibility that he also had when my parents would spend their winters in Arizona. It’s wonderful to be reminded of them so often.”

If all of these positive memories weren’t enough, Norm ran into another surprise from his past when he realized who his neighbour was, shortly after he moved in on the ground floor.

“When I settled into my suite, I soon realized that I was right next door to a former neighbour whom I’ve known for well over a quarter of a century! It was so special to be able to renew our friendship after all these years.”

With six months under his belt at Chartwell Imperial Place, Norm is truly content, enjoying fond memories from his past, but also looking forward to the new ones he’ll make at this stage in his retirement journey.

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