The benefits of moving into retirement living over the winter

It’s a brand-new year, full of possibilities and perhaps even time for a change. If, for example, you’re considering a move into a retirement residence, then the early part of the year is a surprisingly good time to do so. Here’s why:

Easy access to active living opportunities

For many seniors who like to participate in of a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities and classes, and also enjoy getting together with friends and family, winter can be a difficult time of the year. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice can be a barrier for older people concerned about slipping on the sidewalk or stairs, or driving on unsafe roads. That can lead to staying in more—and missing out on regularly-scheduled activities and socials.

Senior living residences provide numerous entertaining things to do right onsite. From wine-tasting classes to charity work, from book clubs to dance lessons, the list is almost endless—and you can even keep your slippers on, too! If you go on a tour of a retirement home, ask to see an activity schedule, or drop in to a class and chat to residents about the quality and frequency of activities.

Onsite personal support and transportation services

For some, the winter months can also mean stepped-up medical visits for those susceptible to seasonal respiratory ailments or the flu. Getting to appointments can be a challenge, especially when driving or walking feels unsafe. Relying on friends and family is an option, but many seniors are uncomfortable with having to rely on others. Retirement residences offer different levels of support—again, right on the premises. Depending on your needs—current and future—you can choose from a range of services, including help with daily activities essential to your routine, or even things like medication monitoring, physiotherapy, foot care and more. It’s also important to add that for those services or appointments you have offsite, many residences have their own shuttle buses for appointments and outings.

No snow shovelling or winter home maintenance

Winter can also be a time when home maintenance can become an issue for some seniors. Shovelling snow can be difficult, or even dangerous to health; maintaining a house in winter can also be a challenge, with heating and plumbing systems that need to be serviced or updated. This can mean extra costs for maintenance or for hiring people to shovel, or do other cold-weather chores. Clearly this is not an issue in a retirement residence: if you are considering a move, and are calculating costs, be sure to include the amount you spend on home maintenance and service people in your comparison budget of your home vs. a residence. That figure may be surprising!

Regular socialization and peace of mind

According to many older adults who make the move to retirement living, a seniors’ residence also offers another kind of warmth in winter—a brand new community of friends and staff. There’s peace of mind knowing that someone will always be there, should an emergency ever occur, and that socialization opportunities are available anytime you wish.

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