A Nostalgic Cruise along the St. Lawrence River

Bertrand Beaulieu, 86, is a resident of Chartwell Seigneuries du Carrefour in Sherbrooke, Quebec who has dedicated much of his life to philanthropic work. To this day, he has shown his passion for older generations through long-term involvement in numerous organizations striving to improve the lives of seniors.

Bertrand’s humanitarian work started at the age of 27 when he took a trip to Europe that changed the course of his life forever. While visiting Rome, a pastor there advised him to dedicate his time to charitable efforts, and before long, Bertrand heeded the advice, moving from his hometown of Rivière-du-Loup to Montreal to begin work in a variety of community organizations.

But the move was bittersweet for Bertrand. Leaving his beloved hometown was a difficult decision. As a young man he had grown up along the south shore of the St. Lawrence, and it had always existed as a place of wonder, excitement and fascination for him and his siblings.

“There was this beautiful bright sun and we could admire the exceptional beauty of the river,” recalls Bertrand. “To have mountains on both sides and villages along the shoreline was such a beautiful sight.”

Today, with nearly 60 years of humanitarian work under his belt, Bertrand resides at his Chartwell Seigneuries du Carrefour residence, often thinking back to his days along the south shore. He and his younger sister, Nicole, would reminisce on the many childhood memories that they created there, wishing they could once again experience the beauty of the river.

Luckily for Bertrand and Nicole and thanks to Chartwell’s partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada, their wish to sail along the Saint Lawrence recently came true. This summer, the two siblings enjoyed a week-long cruise, even meeting with the ship’s captain for an exciting lesson on navigation. For Bertrand and Nicole, the experience was thrilling, nostalgic and everything they could have hoped for.

“Everything was exceptional. It exceeded all of our expectations,” said Bertrand of the experience. “Seeing the Isles was truly magnificent. An experience we will never forget!”