The 11 piercings that decorate Chartwell Imperial Place Sales Consultant Shelley Torma’s right ear represent more than simple aesthetic; rather, each earring is symbolic of a moment in time that has touched her in some way over the years. One, for example, is dedicated to Shelley’s full recovery from a debilitating back surgery, while another symbolizes her achievement of receiving certification for the Iron Butt Association’s SaddleSore Run, where Shelley and her husband travelled over 1,600 kilometres via motorcycle in just under 19 hours.

Shelley’s earrings have also served as a great conversation starter with her clients over the years. When Paul, a new resident at Chartwell Imperial Place, took an interest in Shelley’s earrings during his initial visit of the retirement community, Shelley was stirred to make him a part of her next piercing—this one to celebrate her story working at Chartwell.

“I didn’t tell Paul I was planning to do this, but I called his sister to see what she thought of the idea,” explains Shelley. “Once I got the go-ahead, I approached Paul after he moved in, asking for his assistance on an errand.”

Imperial Place Ear Piercing 2What Paul didn’t know was that their “errand” was a trip to a local piercing shop, aptly named “Paul’s Piercings”. Paul, a former house builder, has seen a lot during his 84 years, but experiencing a live piercing was a first for him. He was surprised and thrilled to play a role in Shelley’s momentous occasion, and even got the honour of picking out an earring for her.

“He held my hand throughout the piercing,” says Shelley. “This gesture not only builds on our camaraderie, but his new journey at our retirement community.”

Since moving in, Paul feels right at home at Chartwell Imperial Place, and his newfound rapport with Shelley has a lot to do with that.