Meet Dr. Amy D’Aprix

Hi, I’m Dr. Amy D’Aprix. I’m a gerontological social worker with over thirty years of experience working with, and on behalf of, older adults and their families. I’m an author, professional speaker and a life coach, and I’m passionate about helping people find meaning and fulfillment as they age, as well as in their role as a family caregiver.

I’m excited to be partnering with Chartwell Retirement Residences to help make your journey exploring retirement living easier and more meaningful. Whether you are currently living in a retirement residence,  are still in a decision-making process about what is the best next step, or are supporting someone making that decision, I’ll offer you expert information and guidance designed to give you more clarity and peace of mind.

I understand and appreciate this stage of life and the significant decisions that are part of it. The issues and questions you are thinking about are likely on the minds of other members of your family, too. Through the thousands of older adults and their adult children I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, I can say with certainty that aging is definitely a family affair!

During the decade I was a caregiver for my aging parents, they and I faced many of the same challenges you and your family may be experiencing. My mother had a massive stroke and required significant care for the nearly eight years she lived post-stroke. She and my father lived their last years in a seniors’ residence that provided them with practical support, feelings of security and comfort, and gave my rather shy father social connections he wouldn’t have had otherwise. I believe living in that residence allowed my dad to recover more quickly from his grief after my mother died and ultimately thrive again. And when he eventually needed more daily support, he felt safe and cared for, and I had great peace of mind knowing he was living where there were attentive people around when I wasn’t able to be with him.

If your family is like most families, you may find you don’t always see things the same way as you consider what feels right for the future. I have four siblings who were also involved in helping my parents make decisions about support and living options. And as is true for almost every family I’ve worked with, we didn’t always see things the same way! This wasn’t easy for my parents or for my siblings and me.

During times of transition, many of us find that there are difficult emotions we aren’t sure how to manage and family conflicts we didn’t anticipate. Through blogs and case studies, I’ll address a broad range of the most relevant issues you face; whether you are currently a resident in a retirement home, considering such a move, or are a supportive family member.

Please look for my content shared on Chartwell’s Blog, social media channels and in their monthly newsletters. I look forward to walking beside you and your family during this important time of your lives.

Warmly, Dr. Amy