Customer Service Profile: Sandra Renaud

Sandra Renaud, Housekeeper
Chartwell Rideau Place
At Chartwell since 2010

“I am very proud to work for Chartwell Rideau Place and I am not afraid to let everyone know.”

I’ve been a proud Housekeeper at Chartwell Rideau Place for the past six years. In addition to completing my typical duties each day—which includes cleaning residents’ rooms and ensuring their laundry is taken care of—I also pride myself on making residents feel welcomed and comfortable. I greet everyone with a smile, follow up with residents about their day and even work on puzzles with them in my free time. Getting to know residents on a personal level is important to help create a level of trust. If I hear a resident say “I missed you so much” or “what would I do without you,” I know I’ve made the impact I was hoping for.

The most important skill I need in my role is patience. From a young age, I’ve worked on strengthening this skill. When I was ten years old, I used to wash an older gentleman’s hair for $1. He would tell me about his life and the difficulties he had after he lost his wife. He taught me a lot about being grateful for what you have and that life is too short to worry about the small stuff. He’s the one that inevitably guided me toward this role.

Going above and beyond is how I exemplify customer service. I never say “that’s not my job” and I always try my hardest to find solutions to every problem. I know every resident by name, as well as something interesting about them, and I make it my mission to get to know new residents as they arrive. It works both ways –residents feel more comfortable with me and I have something to talk to them about the next time I see them!

I was born in Ottawa and raised by a single father. The youngest of seven brothers and sisters, I’ve always valued the role family plays in my life, and that includes my extended family. In fact, I’ve had the same Big Sister for almost 40 years thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. I’m also blessed with three children and four grandchildren who visit the residence quite frequently, much to the delight of our residents. I try to set a good example for them and teach them about being respectful and kind to others. In the end, that’s really all that matters.