The benefits of an independent living retirement lifestyle

One of the keys to a happy retirement is selecting which senior living option is best suited for your needs. An independent living lifestyle is a great fit for someone who does not require personal support or care, but may benefit from the many conveniences of living in a retirement community. Older adults living in independent retirement accommodations generally do not receive personal care services, but may enjoy dining options, general housekeeping and laundry amenities, and a host of activities and outings to support an active and vibrant lifestyle.

A Variety of Accommodation Types

There are many different accommodation types available to seniors who desire an independent living retirement lifestyle, including retirement suites and independent apartments that provide a comfortable and spacious home. At Chartwell, there are also other community types that can suit a variety of independent living preferences, including town homes, bungalows and cottages.

Peace of Mind

The beauty of choosing independent living is you have easy access to meals and laundry, as well as other housekeeping services, allowing you to spend your time the way you want to. Whether that’s working on a passion project or a beloved hobby, hosting dinners with family and friends, or practicing a favourite sport or activity, this lifestyle provides seniors with the opportunity to lead an active, yet secure retirement. Independent living apartments, suites and other accommodations combine socialization, safety and security all under one roof so that seniors do not have to spend time on stressful day-to-day responsibilities and can instead focus on enjoyable independent living.

An independent living retirement lifestyle is great for seniors who do not require a high level of personal support or care.

Active Living

As many studies show, maintaining an active lifestyle throughout retirement is essential to seniors’ overall health and happiness. As a retirement residence, seniors can enjoy a wide variety of activities, such as exercise classes, sports teams and clubs. Whatever your interest, there’s an activity to suit your needs and get the body and mind moving—from walking clubs to tai chi and AquaFit. Seniors can also take advantage of fitness centers and exercise machines that can help them to improve their endurance, flexibility and strength-building on their own schedule.

Social Fun

Physical activity is not the complete answer to health; a social lifestyle is also essential to good physical, emotional and cognitive wellness. There are so many different ways that seniors can spend time with friends – new and old – in their independent living retirement community. There are book clubs on the latest bestsellers, classic movie nights with popcorn, friendly competitive game nights and rewarding volunteer opportunities in the local community, just to name a few. Whatever activity is preferred, seniors in independent living retirement communities enjoy each other’s company and good conversation in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere that supports rewarding relationships.

An independent living retirement lifestyle offers a variety of valuable benefits, and makes for a great fit for active and independent seniors. Learn more about Chartwell's independent living options on our website.