Chartwell Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada

October 1st marked the one year anniversary of the launch of Chartwell’s partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada. The national partnership saw incredible successful in its inaugural year, fulfilling close to a dozen inspiring wishes for Chartwell residents and Canadian seniors.

Some of the inspiring wishes included recipients travelling to places that held significant meaning to them, like Lawrence from Chartwell Wenleigh LTC who attended the Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony in Halifax and Tutzi from Chartwell Churchill House who returned to Victoria, BC to recreate the last vacation she took with her late husband. Recipients also fulfilled lifelong dreams, like Mary from Chartwell Bayview who sailed high above Belleville in a hot air balloon and Rita from Chartwell Langley Gardens who attended a Foreigner concert at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver. Most recently, Antoinette from Chartwell L’Unique reconnected with her ailing 88 year-old brother in Michigan and this month, Carmen from Chartwell Villa Chicoutimi, will be attending the proceedings at the House of Commons in Ottawa to reconnect with her former student who now serves as the Member of Parliament for the riding of Beauce in Quebec. And of course, who could forget Napoléon of Chartwell Domaine des Trembles, the very first wish recipient. Not only did he travel to Las Vegas to meet his idol, Céline Dion, in person, but CTV followed him there after requesting exclusive media rights to cover his wish.

July 26, 2016 (1)While the wishes were all unique in nature, the one thing that remained consistent was the unforgettable memories that were made. Bob, a resident from Chartwell Colonel Belcher put it best: “I can’t say enough about this experience. I will never forget it as long as I live. It’s hard to tell others the feelings that an experience like this leaves with you. It’s taught me to be a little more humble, more understanding of others problems, and more compassionate.” And not only has the fulfillment of a wish provided recipients with a renewed appreciation of life, it also positively impacted family members and friends, who relished seeing a loved one accomplish their dream. “This gave her something to live for, to look forward to,” said Mary’s daughter after her balloon ride. “It has given her a real boost. Even the fact that someone was interested in her story made her feel special.”

To help support even more wishes, Chartwell created a beautiful 2017 fundraising calendar that is currently being sold for $10.00 in all homes and corporate offices. Purchasing a calendar, or donating what you can, will go a long way in helping to make dreams come true.

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