Customer Service Spotlight: Meghan Gal, Server


My journey at Chartwell Harbours began eight years ago, the same year I started high school. Although my main role has been a dining room server, I’ve held a number of different positions since working here, including receptionist and prep-cook. The aspect I enjoy most about my position is, without a doubt, the people. I have met so many different and inspiring residents and truly look forward to the time I get to sit down with them and hear their life stories.

Prior to this role, I worked in a coffee shop and as a bar server. There I learned the importance of customer service, regardless if you’re seeing the same people each day or if it’s new faces. I learned a lot of key skills in my previous jobs that have helped me in my current position, but the most important include patience and kindness. If you have those two skills, you’re set to succeed.

“I try to go out of my way to be caring, welcome new residents and make them feel as comfortable as possible.”

The best thing about working in a retirement residence is getting to know residents on a personal level – including their likes and dislikes. Working here has also helped me to become a more empathetic and compassionate individual. For example, I know that some residents have a difficult time with the transition from their family home into our home. I try to go out of my way to be caring, welcome new residents and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to the staff and residents at Harbours, I feel confident in my role and especially appreciate the fact that everyone genuinely cares about me, and vice versa. Working in such a supportive environment means a lot to me, and my main motto is to treat residents the way I would treat my own grandparents.

I’m currently in school completing my nursing degree, which is something I have wanted to do my whole life. I’m also nearly done my training as a group fitness instructor and hoping to get my kickboxing designation in the future. For now, I’m focused on ensuring our residents have the best possible dining experience each day.