100-year-old runner sets world record

Ida Keeling would probably have a strong word or two to say about age discrimination, as the 100-year-old recently set a world record* in her age group for the 100-meter dash, according to Global News.

Keeling ran the race in the 80 years and older category at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia in one minute and 17.33 seconds, faster than any other competitor in her age group across the globe who has ever completed the race.

Hard work and determination
It's no easy task to get out of bed early every day to log long, demanding miles, but Keeling, who traveled to the Penn Relays from her home in Brooklyn, knows the importance of hard work.

"Do what you need to do, not what you want to do. Exercise every day," she told CBS, according to Global News.

In fact, Keeling, who will soon turn 101, only began running when she was 67. Her daughter urged her to begin running races as a way to manage depression and improve her health following the passing of two of her sons. She fell in love with running, and has been training ever since.

"It's the best exercise I know," she told CBS.

Lace up your running shoes – whether for a marathon or a jog around the block.

The power of running
In Vancouver, seniors come together to celebrate the healing benefits of running at the Forever Young Running Club*, which was started by John and Joan Young and Gwen McFarlan, according to the Vancouver Sun. The club is geared toward those 55 and older who want to run, whether that's competitively in a marathon or simply through relaxing jogs around the neighbourhood with friends.

John Young, a former teacher, underwent triple bypass heart surgery and received a pacemaker two years ago – and then ran a half-marathon just seven months later, the newspaper notes. Other members of the Forever Young Running Club have donated kidneys, battled cancers or manage arthritis. The club has 65 regular members and nearly 40 drop-ins, and meet Monday and Wednesday mornings to hit the pavement and then catch up at a coffee shop.

81-year-old McFarlan set a world marathon record in 2014 when she ran the nearly 50-kilometer Ottawa Marathon course in just four hours and 12 minutes, the Vancouver Sun reports.

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