What to look for while taking a tour of a retirement residence

When choosing a retirement residence, you want a place that will feel like home. Somewhere with a sense of community, convenient amenities and entertaining activities to enjoy. That’s why it’s so important to take a tour of the retirement residence that you’re considering. You can get a feel for how the community will suit your interests, daily routine and personality. Therefore, to make the most of the tour, it’s helpful to keep certain things in mind.

Here are some areas you should take special note of during a tour of a retirement residence.

Cleanliness and design of residence and grounds

As you take a tour of the building, take note of whether the reception area, dining room and common spaces are well-kept and clean. The same goes for outside areas – are the lawns mowed and paint fresh? Take a look around and think about whether residents and staff seem to take pride in their living space. Your new home should meet the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and maintenance.

Meal options

Food is sustenance, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be delicious as well as nutritious, so pay special attention to the dining options at the residence by asking for a sample menu. Do most residents eat in their own private quarters, or are there lively communal dining areas? Determine if there’s a set menu each day or if you have more creative control over the types of foods you will enjoy on a daily basis. As meals will play a key part in your happiness at the residence, you can even go so far as asking to stay for a complimentary meal to taste the cuisine for yourself.

Social events

A lively social calendar will help you enjoy life at your new home. As you tour the building, look around and see if residents are happy, energetic and engaged in different activities. Are people sociable and friendly, or do they seem to keep to themselves? Look at any bulletin boards to get a glimpse into what kind of events are held at the residence, or ask for a sample activity calendar. Potluck dinners, movie nights, shopping excursions and dances are all fun ways to stay active and social.

Wellness amenities

A happy, healthy and balanced life involves exercise and other wellness practices. Check to see if there’s a hair salon, spa or fitness facility on-site and what types of equipment or exercise classes are offered. The opportunity to try out different physical activities, like yoga or Aquafit, will help keep your body and mind healthy. Additionally, note whether there are outdoor spaces where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air when the weather’s nice.

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