How do I help my loved make their retirement suite feel more like home?

Making the transition to a retirement residence may seem like a big step to your loved one at first, but there are plenty of ways you can assist in making their suite feel more comfortable and welcoming. Consider these decorating tips that’ll help your loved one adjust to their new home with ease.

Consider the space

Your loved one’s new suite may not offer as much room as their last home, so it’s very important to consider how much space they have before the move. Downsizing is a necessary part of the transition. It can help your loved one cut back on items so that their new space doesn’t become cramped and cluttered, which can ultimately make them feel uncomfortable. AARP suggests going through items with your loved one, saving the objects that have sentimental value, and donating the rest*.

Showcase family pictures

Bringing the warmth and comfort of home to your loved one’s new living space can be easily achieved by hanging family pictures*. During the downsizing process, go through old photos and work together to pick out the best ones to display. Then, purchase a few nice frames so the photos can be showcased throughout their space. Every time your loved one is feeling a little homesick, they can look around the room and embrace the warmth of familiar faces and memories.

Decorate with colours

The addition of colour is also an opportunity to help personalize the new space.  According to Resene, softer shades of reds and oranges are warming, and can even help with circulation, energy and mood levels*. Consider buying a few warm-coloured toss pillows and arranging them on the bed, couch and chair. Or hang a few colourful pieces of art to go with the family pictures.

Personalize the living environment

A simple way to help your loved one feel more comfortable in their new suite is by personalizing the space. Place a cozy throw blanket and accent pillows across the bed, display treasured momentos on the armoire and bring that favourite chair they just couldn’t say goodbye to during the downsizing process. Not only will this help the room exude their personality, but it’s bound to make it feel like home in no time.

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