Chartwell General Manager and wife create personalized works for their retirement community

Throughout life, we are introduced to many people, but there may only be a few individuals who will truly go the extra mile to make us feel special. For residents and staff at Chartwell Meadowbrook Retirement Residence, they are lucky enough to have General Manager Jody Lamothe, who collaborates with his wife to create kind gifts for the community during special occasions.

Jody began working at Chartwell Meadowbrook as an Food Service Manager 11 years ago, and has been making thoughtful gestures ever since.

“Since the beginning, my wife has been creating artwork for me to distribute throughout the home,” he says. “A while ago, we discussed that it would be a great idea to create personalized gifts and awards for staff and residents. It shows that we care and want to acknowledge just how special they all are.”

“Jody and his wife work together as a creative team.”

A creative pair
Jody and his wife Josee work as a team to present pieces of art for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, activities, memorials and employee appreciation events. Some examples of the works his wife has created include personalized sketches and caricatures.

According to Jody, the duo is dedicated to creating the perfect piece of work for the people in their Chartwell community.

“I usually come up with the initial idea, and then I bring it home to collaborate with Josee,” he says. “We spend a while deciding how we should go about doing it. I want to ensure that we are getting the right message out and it is the perfect gift for that person.”

“A Love Story”
One time in particular, Jody dreamed up an idea that his wife was delighted to help with.

Jody's wife Josee created this memorial for a family to take home to remember their loved one.
Jody’s wife Josee created this sketch for a family to take home to remember their loved one.

“Josee once drew a memorial sketch for a couple that lived at the residence,” he says. “After drawing the picture, she labeled it ‘A Love Story,’ and then we placed it in the room for the family to find while they were moving their parents’ furniture out. They were so touched by the special gift, and we were glad to give them a moment of happiness.”

Recently, the twosome have been working on a special project for residents to enjoy.

“My wife has been working on a colouring book for adults,” he says. “As it’s very trendy among all ages right now, I asked if she could do a small one for me to share with my residents. She created pictures that the residents could complete with ease as a way to help them relax and de-stress. We thought it would be a great way for the seniors to get creative on their own, or even to provide to their children or grandchildren while they’re visiting.”

Jody and his wife are proud to create beautiful artwork for residents and their families, but he says the message to help make people’s lives better wouldn’t come full circle without the help of his dedicated staff team.

“Josee and myself are only one part of the puzzle,” he says. “Every member of my staff and all of my management team work daily to provide the best care and support for all of our residents. It is very apparent that everyone in the building cares and wants to do their part in providing the best service possible.”