The benefits of considering a retirement lifestyle before experiencing a health scare

A move to a retirement residence can bring with it many benefits—among them, the peace of mind that comes with living in a secure environment where you are surrounded by peers and trusted staff who are there to provide you with the services you desire, like delicious meals, housekeeping, transportation services, engaging activity calendars, and even care support. According to the Ontario Retirement Communities Association, too many seniors wait until they start having trouble completing everyday tasks before they consider moving into a retirement community. Whether you’re experiencing feelings of loneliness, feel unsafe living on your own, have grown tired of cooking or cleaning, or simply wish to rely less on your family and friends, don’t wait for changes in your independence or a health scare before considering your options. Besides the potential health and wellness benefits that may come with receiving services that help to maintain and prolong your independence, who likes to make a big move when they’re feeling ill?

While the average age of seniors living in a retirement residence is approximately 85 years old, it’s not a bad idea to explore your options earlier. Follow these steps in your search for the perfect retirement residence:

Do your research

By getting a head start on the search for a retirement residence, you can take your time and ultimately make a better decision on where to spend the later part of your retirement. If you need a hand getting started with the search, consider looking online or asking friends and neighbours for referrals. Calling upon people you know and trust to give you some suggestions might help guide you to finding the perfect place for you. Pare down your choices to a short-list of three or four communities, and be sure to subscribe to their newsletters or follow their websites or social media accounts for updates. You’ll want to consider the latest news surrounding your future home, as doing so can help you make a more educated choice—not to mention, your new home will feel much more familiar once it’s actually time to make the move.

“Take tours of the homes you’re interested in.”

Take many tours

If you want a first-hand look at your options for retirement living, you should go on a tour of the homes you are interested in. Not only can it put your thoughts into perspective, but it’s a sure-fire way to find out if you’ll feel comfortable in the space. Starting your search early can also benefit you in the sense that you can take your time to leisurely explore the homes of your choice instead of rushing to make a decision.

If you’re ready to start looking into your retirement living options, consider taking a tour of a Chartwell retirement residence. There, you’ll see for yourself how staff and residents interact, giving you a better understanding of what retirement living looks and feels like.