7 ways to beat the winter blues

Although winter is a cheerful, joyous time to ring in the holidays, it can sometimes put a damper on your mood, hence the coined term "winter blues." According to Health Canada, the winter blues have an official term – Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a type of depression people experience during the winter season, usually when there is less natural light outside. It's common for seniors to get the winter blues, but that doesn't mean it can't be stopped!

Fortunately, there are many ways to kick SAD to the snow-covered curb during the holiday season. Don't let the cold weather and limited daylight make you feel down. Here are seven simple ways to beat the winter blues!

1. Make the most of the daylight - The Canadian Mental Health Association suggests spending more time outdoors during the day. By doing this, you can utilize the daylight and enjoy it while it lasts instead of watching the sun set from inside.

2. Keep curtains open - If it's too cold to spend time outside, simply leave your curtains open during the day. This can help brighten up both the room and your mood during the winter!

Brighten up your room by keeping the curtains open during the daytime.
Brighten up your room by keeping the curtains open during the daytime.

3. Use more lighting - Because there is a limited amount of daylight during the winter months, it's important to equip your space with ample lighting. That way, you won't have to worry about feeling sad when the sun goes down.

4. Get moving – Exercise can help alleviate all types of depression, according to Everyday Health. Spend some time in the fitness center this winter to help improve your mental and physical health.

"Staying social can help manage winter blues."

5. Stay social - Keeping close relationships is important to reducing isolation and managing the winter blues. Make plans with friends or get involved in social activities to keep yourself busy this holiday season.

6. Take a walk - Make a habit of taking a walk to help break up your day. Not only will this keep you physically healthy, but it can also lift your spirits on a gloomy day.

7. Laugh a little - According to a study in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, humor can help improve your psychological health. Grab a friend, a bowl of popcorn and watch one of your favorite comedy movies to help combat the winter blues.

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